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Sword Art Online: Alicization - War Of Underworld Episode 13 Discussion

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Episode 13: The War Of Underworld


Can Kirito rescue Alice from her recent captivity, that was only moments ago for the characters, but 7 months ago for us?

Please join us in welcoming Sword Art Online back to the block for the first episode of the Alicization arc's thrilling 11-episode conclusion!

Opening and ending themes hidden behind spoiler tag below:


OP: "ANIMA" by ReoNa

ED: "I Will" by Eir Aoi



November 7, 2020 - 4 years to the day before Kirito beat Aincrad!! Tonight at 12:30 - ONLY TOONAMI!!!

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I wanted to get my mind off of the election BS going on, so I decided to watch some stuff. And in preparation for War of Underworld returning tonight. I finally watched Ordinal Scale.

I'm not sure why I waited so long to watch it. It is a new story written by Reki set between SAO 2 and Alicization. I know it is supposed to be totally canon and they tried to tie it in to the main storyline, though obviously this was done after the fact. So it is canon to the anime at least I guess. But yeah, a kinda-sorta canon movie that is a mid-quel that doesn't advance the story, I didn't see a reason to rush to see it.

But, I wish I had watched it sooner! Like I said, it is not needed to follow the main story, but it is a pretty good movie for the most part, I thought. And the fights and animation are excellent!

It is funny because the movie is almost like an advertisement for a product that doesn't exist, at least not yet. I could see a company wanting to come out with something like this. People use the augmented reality device and play Ordinal Scale, and if they do well, they get points to buy snacks, or coupons, or tickets to shows. It becomes all encompassing.

There were a lot of sweet Kirito and Asuna scenes which were nice to have.

It was kind of weird at first to have the characters singing karaoke and Yuna performing in Japanese. There is a scene where Lisbeth starts up one of Yuna's songs and then Silica can't help but to start singing it, it was pretty adorable.

I suppose they would have had to hire someone to do English covers and they didn't want to do that. Also for Silica and possibly other scenes, if the respective VAs can't sing, that is someone else to hire. Then the question of if the original performance should be preserved for both versions. I suppose it would be possible to make 3 versions. The original, English dub with Japanese songs, and English dub with English covers of the songs. Probably Aniplex did not want to go to this trouble.


Kirito being out of shape and initially sucking at the game was funny. Being able to fight in a VR game and fight in an AR game are totally different. Though Kirito being able to improve so much by getting more exercise and doing that training course Suguha came up with was a bit much. Though I suppose we don't know how long he was training for, but it is what it is.

Probably more of a stretch was Eiji being able to do all the stuff he did, even if he had that suit to enhance his abilities, haha.

I will say it was convenient that they were able to dive to fight the last boss and not use the AR for it!

Silica and Lisbeth have parents?!

The villain is trying to bring his daughter back to life by stealing the memories of SAO survivors time in SAO to reconstruct her. He is going after the memories they have of her specifically for this. Of course he betrays Eiji, and makes sense, since Eiji spent more time with her than anyone. But it made me wonder if this was meant to be a sort of foreshadowing for War of Underworld, of course done retroactively since this movie story was written afterwards, but still.

I did not understand why Kirito stopped Yui from going to Asuna when she dropped the stuff for the tea inside the cottage, or didn't go to her himself. Better to let just sit there and cry? I didn't get that.

Asuna's diary T___T

Although I will say the talk of Kirito and Asuna losing their memories and wondering if they would forget if they love each other is just a BIT corny LOL.

Of course the AI copy of Kayaba was in this. I didn't expect that for some reason. Though there is something I just thought of regarding the AI Kayaba. I'll double tag this, given some things that happen later in the War of Underworld cour -


[I wonder if the AI copy of Kayaba is trying to make up for the sins the real Kayaba committed. Looking at it that way, it doesn't come off as the real Kayaba trying to be redeemed, which is total bullshit.]

If nothing else, something good we get out of this is getting to see some other floor bosses that we didn't get to see in the Aincrad Arc. Even the boss for floor 100! That was very cool! And the fights were epic! And I am glad that Asuna joined in this battle, and used Yuuki's move!

I did not know that Agil had a wife this whole time. I don't think she has ever been shown. Did they meet in SAO, or ALO?

And LOL poor Klein still striking out. Thought he could meet a girl in Ordinal Scale and didn't happen, thinks he can still meet someone in VR. Agil is like NOPE LOL. Then Klein says something like that's not a real way to meet someone anyway. What Klein said was really dumb. Since not only did Agil and his wife apparently meet in a game, but so did Kirito and Asuna. He should have kept his mouth shut lmao.

Nice addendum added to the SAO incident report about Yuna who inspired the swordsmen going off to battle with her singing in the town square, and not to forget the nameless players.

Man why the hell would Kirito let Yui come watch the stars with him and Asuna? That was supposed to be a thing with just the two of them! Was still sweet though.

Man I am surprised and it is really weird that Kirito has not met Asuna's mom this whole time. Now THAT is the final boss Kirito REALLY needs to worry about LOL. And of all places, it gets shown in a still inset picture in the credits of this movie?!

Haha, Kikuoka you shithead, getting the charges dropped on the villain!

Oh, and those bastards censored Asuna's bath scene! You have to buy the DVD or Blu-Ray to see it in the movie! Luckily I was able to find the clip elsewhere haha.

I also started watching Accel World for the first time.  It is... odd.  It's a creative idea, I'll give it that.  Have to see how it all turns out.  Just finished episode 5, and I am hooked so far.  But gotta stop now to watch Toonami.

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