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Dub Voice Of Yuzuriha(dr stone): fandubs are against the law!


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Looks like some people tracked down some of the fandubbing she did in her teens. Tried looking up the video's but it looks like they got DMCA'd recently that were on youtube. 


Wow way to act like the victim after kicking the hornets nest. From what I've seen with Team 4 Star was that Funimation initially liked them until Toei found out about them and was like "wtf why haven't you shut them down". I went over most of that a while back when they announced that they were no longer doing DBZA.  Then there are some voice actors who have some toxicity towards these bootleg dubs ie Sean's "I'm goku" rant. It's weird though now that we're getting people who started out on youtube. Getting into funimation, and then saying the same shit that Sean was spouting about legality and unprofessional etc.  Unless they're running a patreon they aren't making any money off of youtube. It's mainly just them showing their voice talent.  A lot of the youtube dubbers probably wouldn't even have gotten their foot in the door at funimation if it wasn't for them blowing up on youtube. Hell Amanda Lee and Christina Vee both upload english covers to songs to this day on youtube that they didn't pay the record company for. 

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