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The 80's knew how to do gym right


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23 minutes ago, Mewn said:

I knew this was going to be the video before even clicking. 😂

Shit goes all over Twitter.

As it should.....there's a revolution coming

Why are we chafing ourselves to death in spin class when we could be air humping ourselves into shape?


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11 hours ago, Doom Metal Alchemist said:

Oh, I thought this was going to be about gym class in school and was getting ready to say, "despite every single TV show I've ever seen in my entire life that's depicted gym class, I've never even once had to climb a rope."

Had to do it, but that was the 70s.  I was so surprised I was finally able to do it that I forgot to hand over hand down the rope & instead slid while holding on to the rope.

Hands on Fire!

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