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Frireworks are making my dogs go crazy.


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9 minutes ago, ghostrek said:

why they were nowhere near the fireworks they we  was far way when we set them off

It causes them to become stressed because you feel the need to blow shit up.

Think about that for a second... you need to blow shit up, at the cost of other peoples animals.

You're whats wrong with society.


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2 of our 4 cats cower when the stuff goes off in the neighborhood.  One house has been setting stuff off all week, then yesterday they started around 6:30 pm and kept it up until 1 am.  I'm a bit concerned that there was that much ordinance stored either in their garage or house.

Didn't call the cops because they have also been getting calls of "shots fired" around town - they chase them down & find shell casings with no injuries or damage.  I'm thinking they've got someone driving around and firing off their gun(s) into the air.

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16 hours ago, Radical Left said:


Hybrid of what?

Ehh she was just trying to let me know she wasnt having it wen I was trying to get her out from a little cubby hole created from my computer desk and a couch against the wall. I'd let my dogs stay there, but when they get spooked they've tried to stuff themselves all the way behind my computer desk/ entertainment center getting caught on wires before and it gets annoying. On the flip side my male dog was running inside every time he heard a bang yesterday evening and then low crawling back out the door when he saw I wasn't coming in with him and it was kind of funny. 

She just put a lot of presure on my hand and my right wrist is perma-screwed from skateboarding so that's all it took to make the whole area start throbbing with bone pain. 

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