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Fire Force: Episode 24 Discussion (SEASON FINALE!)


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Episode 24: The Burning Past

The final episode of Fire Force (at least for a while) is upon us. Human's have combusted, fires have been extinguished, a certain twin-tailed girl has been inexplicably pressing her body on every passerby. You know, normal fire fighting stuff. What will Captain Burns have to say about Shinra's past? Find out tonight at 12:30AM



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13 hours ago, mochi said:

Spoilered because this is VERY explicit but it's also the only Fireforce yaoi that exists

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Rule 34 - 2boys anal anal penetration anal sex animated ...


That's disturbing as hell. No, not the yaoi. The idea that this show was worthy of it.

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Just now, Daos said:

It wasn't that bad to be fair. But it was just a big pile of anime stuff without any real heart to it.

that's a pretty decent description actually....it's basically just someone skimming various anime clichee's on TV tropes, throwing them together and hoping it works

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