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Ghost in the Shell Trailer


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Visually it looks acceptable.  Story and acting though...I don't know.

Looks like there's mixing a few things up along with new story.  Scarlett doesn't pull off the character well.  Mokoto was very shrewd, was almost always very confident and didn't take bullshit from anyone.  She did have questions about who she actually is but she never let it bog her down.


One thing I will say I'm happy about is Botou's car.  It's about what I'd expect him to drive.

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I was worried when I heard live action Ghost in the Shell a few months ago....




Ghost in the Shell has always had a special place in my heart. Especially the original film. It was one of my first 10 anime films I owned and still a favorite.


I love that it looks like at least the beginning is very tightly based on the film, and the visuals look more amazing that I thought they would in real life.


Definitely psyched for this movie now. Hope it turns out as good as it looks, nothing else it seems like an honest attempt of bringing a futuristic and deep concept that was birthed over 20 years ago.

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