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  1. That sound everyone heard a bit ago was the collective groan of every CMC owner in the country.
  2. Luckily Ive read the books so I have a good idea of whats going on, and a theory on where its going to end. Im really hopeful that it does well enough that they make part 2.
  3. Really? Ive been hearing good things about it. Seems like the global release went well as well.
  4. Broncos start 2-0 for the first time in ages. We get the Jets next week with a chance to go 3-0. Which falls right in my prediction where we start 3-0 then lose the next 6 or 7 lol.
  5. Darnold also got away from Gase. I always thought the thing that was holding him back the most was Gase. How he ever got a job in the NFL is beyond me.
  6. Yea, that pick is not looking so good already. And it isnt going to be better next week when you guys come to Denver. We may not be great, but our D is solid.
  7. Whos grave did the NFL piss on to bring on all these injuries? Its a freaking killing field out there.
  8. Hey. a wins a damn win at this point. I fully expect this to fall apart here in a few weeks so Im enjoying it while I can
  9. Holy shit the Broncos actually won a game in September!
  10. That was absolutely offensive PI. That was a good game to start the season. I think that the Jags-Texans game is probably going to be the exact opposite of that game.
  11. Eh, I dunno. I think you ride or die with Lock this year. Bridgewater isnt a franchise QB, and Lock might be. You throw him out there and its sink or swim. If he does good, were a playoff team, if he sucks we have a top 5 pick and draft our franchise QB. Orrrrr we go all in on Rodgers next year and then win the AFC West for 5 straight years and win another Super Bowl. Manning 2.0 Strategy.
  12. Well, Broncos named Bridgewater the starter woooo.........I am whelmed.
  13. I keep thinking I need to replay this. Its popping up everywhere and was such a great game. Its been ages since I played. The real question is if I bother to mod the hell out of it before I play it or go in vanilla. Maybe just a few graphics mods.....and a gun mod....and character mod......and........................
  14. This looks so damn good. Really love all the Strange in this phase of Marvel as well.
  15. I mean, thats where we started. By the end of the day we were asking if she needed to pawn stuff to us or wanted to mow our lawns for $20.
  16. One of my coworkers bet $20 on the game. Soooooo yeaaaaa.......
  17. Im not sold on the expanded playoffs yet. I am sold on the extra week though. No more 8-8 crap. Your either a winner or loser.
  18. Hooooo boy has today been wild. One of the crazier free agent days I can remember. The flat cap era is wild.
  19. The lack of full FDA approval is a really good point. Until the FDA gives the all-clear it may be tough to really push a mandate.
  20. I mean, if the NFL was serious about this they would simply mandate vaccinations for all players and staff. They have full legal authority to do that. But thats not what they are doing. Instead they are playing this game where they keep trying to get more and more people vaccinated and pretending like theyll treat the teams fairly if they do catch covid.
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