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I had like a 5 year stretch where I really didn't watch anime all that much, even though I had been watching since I was a kid and loved anime. I'd watch a series or two in the summer and a series or two during like Christmas break but for the most part I wasn't watching throughout the year. I'm not sure if it was cause I was so busy with work and college or whatever but for some reason I just didn't watch. Over the last couple of years though, I really got back into it and pretty much keep up with all the new series and have even been catching up on the stuff that I missed while I was on my anime hiatus.


It just sucks though cause none of my IRL friends watch anime. And every time I even mention it to them or most people, I get like these weird looks or comments about it. It's funny cause I think I've even lost a date cause of anime. My friend was trying to set me up with someone but then she goes: oh I mentioned to so & so that you were watching anime when I was texting you and so & so apparently thought that wasn't cool....and I never really heard much about so & so after that. I was kinda ticked off about it at first but then I was like you know what...if someone is that fickle about something like that....then it's not even worth it. So at least in my circle, there is like a big time stigma attached to it. But I equate it to like gaming or listening to rap/heavy metal music or just some other things that my generation grew up with. Like norms (which I think are a myth for the most part anyways) are always changing. What was considered "normal" 50 years ago is not going to be considered "normal" today. You see these memes on the internet about like grandpa gaming and listening to rap music in 2050 and it's funny but the reality of the situation is that it's probably going to be the case for a lot of people  :D  It's just how things are going to be because a lot of us grew up with that kind of stuff and that is/will be our "norm."


So to me like it doesn't even make sense cause yeah it's animated and from Japan (I think the culture difference has a lot to do with it too because in America a lot of people think pretty much anything animated is for kids) but it's 100x better than these scripted "reality" shows on TV or whatever other entertainment some of my friends consume. I just kind of laugh about it all now and wear it like a proud badge of shame. Like I literally don't even care anymore  :D I talk about it all the time with a lot of my close friends whether they want to hear about it or not and whether they understand what I'm talking about or not. It's like if I have to hear about your cat and it's intuitiveness....you are going to be hearing about Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo and why it's so freakin' funny....deal with it!


Annnnnyways....this post ended up turning out to be a lot more thorough than I originally had intended but whatever  :D I think I answered your question somewhere in there.

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