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One Piece Episode 378 Discussion

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Episode 378


The Promise From a Distant Day - The Pirates' Song and a Small Whale


Kanji: 遠い日の約束 海賊の唄と小さなクジラ


Romaji: Tōi Hi no Yakusoku - Kaizoku no Uta to Chīsana Kujira


Toonami Airdate: Saturday night/Sunday morning (2/5/2017) at 2:30am


Japanese Airdate:

November 23, 2008



We Are! (2008 Remix)


Screenplay -菅良幸 - Yoshiyuki Suga

Art -吉池隆司 - Ryūji Yoshiike

Animation -舘直樹 - Naoki Tate

Direction - 園田誠 - Makoto Sonoda


Previously on One Piece:


Zoro tried to fight for Luffy since he had continued to remain unconscious on the ground. Through Zoro's efforts, Kuma offered a deal to him. He tells him that he can take all of Luffy's pain away, but has to implant it in Zoro. Zoro agreed to this deal even while Kuma warned he could die from all of this pain. Kuma took all of Luffy's pain away from him and released it outside of his body in the form of a bubble, and then gave a small sample of the pain to Zoro. Even after such a small amount of Luffy's overall pain was bad enough to almost knock Zoro out, he still fully jumped into Luffy's pain bubble.


Join us for One Piece at 2:30am Sunday morning and don't worry if you missed last week's episode because


Nothing happened


Only on Toonami


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in luffy's defense, Hard liquor was thought of as Medicine at some point in history.....Jeagermesiter was originally developed as cold medicine




and frankly....back when i was a teenager and had strep throat...I snuck some of my parents Jaeger....and the Strep throat went away immediately

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