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  1. Dang I missed it. This is what I get for only posting here once a month. Darn you real world things!
  2. I used to do this every year. I'd list everything I could find for each day of October. It was fun but time consuming and I really don't have the time to do it nowadays. Good to see someone else posting a few movies for everyone to check out.
  3. True. I one time for sure had a job I applied for only for them to say oh we chose someone else at the very last minute. So where/what are you working/doing now? Oh and why did you quit your other job? Did you know you were getting this one before or after you quit?
  4. My account is old, from essentially when it first started. I still have no idea why I even made the account way back then. I think I was like oh this is new, I'll make an account since it is new and might become bigger. Twitter was basically hey this for when you want to tell people small updates about things you are doing. Yeah I don't know why I made it but I've used it some all these years. I mainly use it now for news from video game companies and anime news. I post every now and then but nothing really comes of it. Fun story some old video game accounts for whatever reason followed me way back in the day before they vanished. Examples: Gamepro I believe and I know for sure X-Play did. lol
  5. I just wanted to tell you, good luck. We're all counting on you.
  6. I'm pretty sure it is this. Also he needs to be in the "night's watch" so that he gives up all his claims. That way no one will bother him about being king of anything. Now if you want to ask what happens when people find out there is no watch anymore, I don't know. He'll be hidden away some place by then among the free folk. I do think the snow up there will melt as seen by that random plant. Also I'd like to think he could come back and visit Sansa and Bran every now and then. Nothing would stop him but who knows. Another theory I saw is maybe there is a night's watch of sorts but they just let him go. This would cover the previous question I brought up. Although like you said, there were none to be seen, only wildlings. This seems like it was faked to give Jon freedom from everything.
  7. I never go there. After they got rid of the boards, there was never a reason to.
  8. Also as a Song of Ice and Fire nerd I wanted to know who those other people at that big council to elect a king were. Most think one was Howland Reed but the other 3 is anyone's guess.
  9. See, I told you. And you told us in the opening post.
  10. Technically it kinda is supposed to I think. He was the big baddie regardless of how it felt. He was the Sauron of GoT and after that we are in the epilogue. Just that this epilogue wasn't as cheery and had more of the scouring of the shire and Aragorn Snow not becoming king like he would in anything else. It was all so rushed though from the night king on.
  11. Some people are going to absolutely hate how this all ends. Some will argue that it was rushed and this caused a lot of bad things to happen to the story that could have been done much better. They aren't wrong. Others are going to hate it simply because of the actual plot. It is fair if they hate it because of that but you kind of have to prepare yourself for this since it is Game of Thrones. I feel some are going to freak out big time.
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