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  1. I am indifferent to the last two fighters. Not mad or happy. I also haven't played in around 3 months. I really should.
  2. And then it turns into working from home forever!
  3. Be glad you don't have to be out in this. I wish we could have stayed home longer and drawn unemployment for another month at least before coming back. I'm glad there was a coming back but it still sucks. You know how many people come into a library the size of the one/system I work for? Too many. All the books exchanging hands and people being at the same place at the same time. My one good thing is that the department I work in is both very isolated from the rest of the library building and our department is pretty isolated from each other. There are days where we barely talk to one another because our jobs require us to do our own thing and only interact when we have to or want to make small talk. Today for example I think I literally for the entire 8 and half hours only said have a nice night when leaving. We are all well over 6 feet apart too. So again that is all good but we do have interactions with the staff on the other levels of the library when going to the break room and restrooms and stuff(I really feel for them too since they have to deal with so many people every day with all this going on as cases rise in the city.)
  4. Obligatory be thankful you have a job right now because a lot of people don't/are losing their job.
  5. Symphony of the Night is like 15 dollars or something on xbox. The original is probably around 7-10 dollars on the Wii and Wii U VC. Most people don't have a Wii U and you can't buy them on the Wii anymore but you can get it bundled in the Castlevania Anniversary collection for I think 20 dollars or so with every other older Castlevania title up to Castlevania 4. That's on xbox, Switch, Steam and PS4. Why would you spend that for a physical copy? You are as bad as bloodhawk man.
  6. It actually gets worse. They called us back with little notice. We started Tuesday of Memorial Day week. We are supposed to get paid for Memorial Day but they said our furlough was still active until Tuesday so we just didn't get paid for that day. The unemployment goes by the week so no help there either. We just got screwed. Also some of our fellow employees are still furloughed. I guess we were more "essential" but they are making about double what we are currently for not working. What a stupid mess.
  7. How badly do you have to screw up to get banned here? I mean this place is beyond giving the keys to the inmates in the asylum, it is like giving the keys to the inmates after the world ended and we are in Mad Max or something on top of it. There's not a lot of rules but if you mess up you really mess up.
  8. It would be best if it erupted and just ended it all. I also heard another asteroid is flying by soon. Shame it cant just hit us and wipe everything out. Yes I am essentially Early, sometimes I just want the sun to explode....although lately it is more like all the time.
  9. I was told we'd be furloughed until mid July. 2 weeks in and they called us back. That extra unemployment money would have been nice for the next month and a half, Oh well.
  10. Beer is boring. No thread for beer!
  11. It is still going. Genis just came back recently as did ryan only for ryan to vanish again.
  12. When I first got out of college the economy was crap. I couldn't find a job for two years. During that time I had no job or school so I had all the time in the world to do whatever. Eventually I did land a job but I have always joked that during those two years, that was my retirement time that I will never get in the future. Freedom to do whatever whenever. I joked that I'd never have that again but I guess I did for two months.
  13. I've been on "Corona time" for the past two months or so. That means time has no meaning. I have been going to bed and getting up whenever and doing whatever because you can't really go anywhere and my job sent all of us home. We found out after about a month or so that we were all being furloughed for at least 8 more weeks. We were scheduled to go back some time in mid July. It was quite shocking to me at first but I got used to it. It has been as fun as it can be while all this has been going on and not knowing if I'd even have a job to go back to. I've been spending a lot of time on xbox with other old IB friends. Then late last week I got a call from my boss saying we had been recalled early (2 weeks into the furlough) so once again quite a shock. I go back to work Tuesday. My body is not ready mentally or physically. My sleep schedule is all messed up. I was hoping we'd have a bit more warning than 4 days. Case in point here I am posting this at 3:30am. I've been going to bed after 6am but starting Tuesday that is when I'll be waking up. This will suck for a few days. (I also was making nearly double on unemployment than working but that's another matter entirely) Also I'm bored right now which is why I made this. Anything new going on with you all? Has raptorpat finally gone crazy with power? Does he make everyone wear tiny mini skirts?
  14. Sigh, I'm sad to say that this excites me. I still love Bleach for all its problems. I also heard there is a light novel coming that explains more stuff after the manga ended or something.
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