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  1. I work in a butcher shop now
  2. No I think he needs to you know figure out shit in his own head type deal which all teenagers do
  3. I actually I work with a few teenage kids two of them are seems pretty good kids one ironically is my friends kid and he's acting like he's a little punk and shooting other kids with splat guns when while he's needs to be cleaning up the freaking butcher shop
  4. I can't find her and there's a bad storm
  5. I was tucking in by aunt I on my dad's side
  6. I have a father but he abandoned me at the age of 6 months so yes I basically don't have a fatherAnd every father figure I had since I was a child sucked
  7. No but I have seen a lot of people have better fathers than I did and it's just little hurtful around this time of year
  8. That's why I do not like Father's Day Father's Day fucking sucks for me
  9. ghostrek

    MTG Arena...

    go to your card shop and play there
  10. We're supposed to do a double wash after going to the bathroom once at at in the bathroom itself and then once in the processing room at a sink Obviously I wasn't sure if she lost once at the processing room sink and not in the lady's room I don't know I'm not in the lady's room I'm only I'm obviously a dude
  11. I'm vendingBut really it isn't what Okay
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