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  1. Thoughts and prayers, all lives matter
  2. Mice and rats and chipmunks that fly airplanes and airboats and stuff come together as an adventure team for hire to solve crime and rescue kidnap victims and whatnot,
  3. Y'all ever do like a vegetarian night?
  4. More than offset by the random 67° days in winter
  5. Anything south of Kentucky has mild winters which would probably be worth the shittier summers to you
  6. Did you miss where Clinton's spokesman upon being asking directly if Clinton was referring to Tulsi all but confirmed that she was? It happened in between Clinton's comments and Tulsi's response if that helps
  7. It was the Hitler and Biblical fiction channel for awhile there in the mid 00s
  8. Also laundry, and dishes (no dishwasher) and generally deep cleaning my house. At least I'll be able to catch up on podcasts
  9. NaBones


    Did you mean Mother? Mother was good
  10. Truly painful times. Him and Tina Fey would do a humorless skit like sing a number from Grease or something and he'd be all smiling while doing it and people would think that was funny
  11. This supposed to sound like a bad time or something?
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