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  1. Mohri

    God Eater 1&2 Steam

    I have this stupid backlog of games that keeps on nipping at my heels and I was wondering if anyone would care to play through either of the God Eater games with me. So, is anyone interested in doing so? Kthxbai
  2. As what others have said, it really comes down to what exclusives that you're more interested in. PS4 does have Bloodborne and The Last Guardian which I would personally purchase a PS4 solely for those two games. As for online communities and integrations they're about the same, other than the PS4 having a stronger community for fighting games, but Sony isn't as warm to cross-platform as Microsoft is. Your best bet would just be to look at the current and upcoming exclusives and go from there. Plus the extra optional(some what expensive) Sony medias are kind of interesting.
  3. Mohri

    Pokémon Go

    I've started playing Pokemon Go again about two or three months ago. Sadly, they banned my old account for terms of service which I had not logged into for probably a good nine months. Maybe it got hacked? Who knows... WITH THAT SAID, I found something amazing in a gas station parking lot two weeks ago.
  4. I was trying to use power of suggestion. I guess it didn't work.
  5. Another 8/10.Mine is probably the only 10/10 because it is finally relevant again.
  6. Mohri

    yanny or laurel?

    I’m glad I’m not the only one. It gives me chills the second or third time it plays, and I think about the movie House on Haunted hill for some reason.
  7. The lipids that are constituted with the biproduct isn’t really accessible with a wonderpill for toxins. So, this won’t really work. One of the only ways to influence your chances to pass the drug test, other than masking it, would honestly be cardio.
  8. I promptly pee’d on one of the mounds this morning.
  9. It was in my shoe and have fell out when I took it off.
  10. A damned ant bit me on my webbing between two of my toes yesterday morning. It doesn’t really hurt, nor does it really itch, it’s just more of a discomfort. The worst part about it? The little ass got away. To hell with you, ant. To hell with you.
  11. Peeing it into the water is the only acceptable course of action.
  12. I’ve been blazing with my boy Un for years. Dennis comes too sometimes, but we only let him stay because he is an alien.
  13. Mohri


    You beat me to it, Poof.
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