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  1. I read physical, electronic, and audiobooks. I do more of my reading with ebooks than physical books though because Kindles are light and easy. I don't listen to music so everytime I drive I'm listening to a book as well. Physical books are slowly draining me of my pennies, fancy publishers are too irresistible.
  2. Same happened to me, but I just used the help thing to get back in. It then needed a guardian to confirm I was allowed to use the site. Lol
  3. For some reason I looked up my old MAL account (which then lead me here again), the robot porn you left me is still there. XD
  4. This ol' rustbucket doesn't move like it once did.
  5. I do remember there was a user with numbers for her name, she usually posted in the babbling folder. I was a weeb and never left OA and .Com though, so when I made my account I didn't know about her. I just thought it would be fun to make an account name that matched the profile number. JFC, why am I remembering so much from so long ago? 🤣
  6. Lol, nope. That was my user number though - for my eimajtl account. I went by many a name, 770312 was the last name I used though.
  7. The show itself had a raging humanoid lion, one eyed alien, and more... and you're worried about other aliens being believable? No, you don't see Omniman fucking a mantis. The new kid looks human but has different colored skin. Invincible is a badass comic, give it a read!
  8. Holy shit... so many names from a billion years ago.
  9. Hmm, yes, its been ages. Its pretty awesome seeing so many familiar names active and posting! I need to get back on here and stay again.
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