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  1. No, just gonna do a movie marathon at home. I should do Godzilla sometime.
  2. I can't see it again until tomorrow. edit: Actually I think I can see it if I log back in, just not post.
  3. The only thing in the OP that fits me much is spaghetti. I do eat that quite a bit. I do make chicken also, but if anything I over season it sometimes. Tacos, chili, pizza, buffalo wings, pork chops, burgers, soups/stews, and meat loaf are other things I regularly make. I've always eaten the fuck out of some fried chicken, had no idea that was stereotyped as a black person thing until my mid to late teens.
  4. I saw some of it a long time ago, don't remember any episodes in particular.
  5. What's surprising about it?
  6. Did @helpme get bant or just changing attire again?
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