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  1. The last time my hair was that short, yours was long. Now yours is short and mine is almost as long as yours was. Are we like the yin and yang of hair? If our hair is the same length at the same time, will it create a singularity?
  2. We used to get a lot of Quebecois in Daytona - the kind who couldn't speak English until they wanted to complain.
  3. That sounds cool, but don't have it turn into 999 half the time 😆
  4. Sounds promising, but I have two kind of nit-picking questions. 1) In and of itself, it seems to pass the locked box test for safe rather than Euclid. Is it Euclid because some of the GOIs are aware of it and try to steal it (kind of like how 2662 /Cthulhu is Keter because people keep trying to free him, not because he keeps trying to escape), or is it trying to access the internet,either out of meanness, like 079, or to find Eric (if it views 168 as a progenitor)? 2) Security level 4 would be like a site director, I think. Maybe only D class can do maintenance and cleaning (after all, the d is for disposable) ( i had a bunch of stuff here, but I reread it, and saw that you've got one of the ,05s controlling access)
  5. Yes. My original plan was the body farm, but that requires shipping. Now I live within the free pickup range of a medical school.
  6. In twenty years, I'll be in medical school.
  7. It ain't the years - it's the mileage.
  8. Sounds suitably anomalous 😉. Please keep me posted!
  9. Ok, so maybe a fragment of the god? Like, aren't there already parts of it in containment?
  10. Maybe link it to the Church of the Broken God? There's a branch, or a splinter sect of the church that works mainly in cyberspace.
  11. 5031 is my favorite, although 662 and 294 are the ones I'd love to have around the house.
  12. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa...
  13. I knew a guy who told me that Lovecraft wasn't a fiction writer, he was a journalist .
  14. I'm sorry- it looks like there are trading cards, but no tarot decks. Yet.
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