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  1. Toonami Unevenedge Ratings Discussion 3.0 "Let The Good Times Roll" In this thread, we discuss the Nielsen Ratings for Toonami shows and occasionally other [adult swim] shows that are posted on websites like showbuzzdaily.com and programminginsider.com. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL AND DO NOT POST LINKS TO ILLEGAL SITES!!!!! [thank you] First, a blast from the past!! HERE'S what Toonami's leading shows did on this day 4 years ago: "CABLE HIGHLIGHTS: As we’ve noted before, we’re relying on readers telling us that the anime shows running on Adult Swim are originals in their current versions (although in some cases the network lists them as reruns), so we have no way of knowing whether Adult Swim is repeating its own episodes. That being said, the top cable “original” of the night was actually DRAGON BALL Z, up an impressive 0.25 from last week to 0.98 and with 2M total viewers. AKAME GA KILL, which is on the chart, followed at 0.93. MICHIKO & HATCHIN was up 0.23 from last week to 0.74, with 1.5M total viewers. SWORD ART ONLINE was up 0.17 to 0.64, as per the chart. NARUTO rose 0.15 to 0.56, with 1M total viewers. ATTACK ON TITAN grew by 0.11 to 0.47, with 900K total viewers. ONE PIECE gained 0.04 to 0.45, with 850K total viewers." Now, just under a week ago on 8/3/2019, here's how Toonami is doing: "Adult Swim’s line-up performed as follows: DRAGON BALL at 0.31 and 0.12/343K & 0.11/310K, compared to last week’s 0.34 and 0.12/314K & 0.13/287K, GEN LOCK at 0.17, FIRE FORCE down 0.02 to 0.15/327K, LUPIN THE 3RD down 0.01 to 0.13, FOOD WARS up 0.02 to 0.16, BLACK CLOVER down 0.01 to 0.16/336K, BORUTO down 0.02 to 0.15, NARUTO steady at 0.14/302K, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM down 0.02 to 0.13/270K, MY HERO ACADEMIA down 0.05 to 0.12/303K, and GEMUSETTO MACHU PICCHU down 0.04 to 0.08/195K." 3 major differences: EARLIER start time (11 PM vs. Midnight) LOWER total viewers, adults 18-34, 18-49 MUCH LOWER "girl power" Female 12-34 viewers At least the older viewers (50+) viewership is about the same at about 1:30 AM
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