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Found 36 results

  1. Episode 583: Save the Children! The Straw Hats Start to Fight! & Episode 584: A Swordplay Showdown! Brook vs. the Mysterious Torso Samurai! Battle in the Biscuits Room! The Straw Hat Pirates inside the strange facility encounter a wild surprise in the form of abnormally gigantic children! With the crew's heavy hitters still on the burning side of Punk Hazard, can these kids be saved from whatever it is that's going on here!? Meanwhile, as Brook makes his way to join his friends, he too is beset by a most unusual obstacle! Three-Way Conflict...PLUS ONE! The Straw Hats find themselves facing foes on tree fronts as the Biscuit Room Rescue Party fights off Punk Hazard's myseious masked army, the landing party defends itself against strangely scrambled island defenders, and the Humming Swordsman Brook swordsfights a vivisected samurai! But their troubles are just beginning, as Vice Admiral Smoker, Captain Tashigi and the G-5 Marines make their landing on the island! Is the enemy of one's enemy yet another enemy!? ONLY TOONAMI
  2. Toonami Unevenedge Ratings Discussion 3.0 "Let The Good Times Roll" In this thread, we discuss the Nielsen Ratings for Toonami shows and occasionally other [adult swim] shows that are posted on websites like showbuzzdaily.com and programminginsider.com. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL AND DO NOT POST LINKS TO ILLEGAL SITES!!!!! [thank you] First, a blast from the past!! HERE'S what Toonami's leading shows did on this day 4 years ago: "CABLE HIGHLIGHTS: As we’ve noted before, we’re relying on readers telling us that the anime shows running on Adult Swim are originals in their current versions (although in some cases the network lists them as reruns), so we have no way of knowing whether Adult Swim is repeating its own episodes. That being said, the top cable “original” of the night was actually DRAGON BALL Z, up an impressive 0.25 from last week to 0.98 and with 2M total viewers. AKAME GA KILL, which is on the chart, followed at 0.93. MICHIKO & HATCHIN was up 0.23 from last week to 0.74, with 1.5M total viewers. SWORD ART ONLINE was up 0.17 to 0.64, as per the chart. NARUTO rose 0.15 to 0.56, with 1M total viewers. ATTACK ON TITAN grew by 0.11 to 0.47, with 900K total viewers. ONE PIECE gained 0.04 to 0.45, with 850K total viewers." Now, just under a week ago on 8/3/2019, here's how Toonami is doing: "Adult Swim’s line-up performed as follows: DRAGON BALL at 0.31 and 0.12/343K & 0.11/310K, compared to last week’s 0.34 and 0.12/314K & 0.13/287K, GEN LOCK at 0.17, FIRE FORCE down 0.02 to 0.15/327K, LUPIN THE 3RD down 0.01 to 0.13, FOOD WARS up 0.02 to 0.16, BLACK CLOVER down 0.01 to 0.16/336K, BORUTO down 0.02 to 0.15, NARUTO steady at 0.14/302K, MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM down 0.02 to 0.13/270K, MY HERO ACADEMIA down 0.05 to 0.12/303K, and GEMUSETTO MACHU PICCHU down 0.04 to 0.08/195K." 3 major differences: EARLIER start time (11 PM vs. Midnight) LOWER total viewers, adults 18-34, 18-49 MUCH LOWER "girl power" Female 12-34 viewers At least the older viewers (50+) viewership is about the same at about 1:30 AM
  3. The Penultimate Episode of Season 2! Midnight tomorrow night (9/10-11), on TOONAMI!!
  4. Here's the lineup: Batman: Hush is fairly new, premiering in 2019. Obviously this will be its first time on Toonami. Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, is of course a stone-cold classic from 1993. This will be it's 5th time to grace The Better Cartoon Show, and it's first on [as]. This is a true rarity for anything on Toonami, shared only by Samurai Jack season 5 and a few early episodes of Attack On Titan. Dragon Ball Super came close if you include its [as] runs outside Toonami, but I believe the most spins any episode got on Toonami was 4. And we'll see if Rick & Morty: Samurai and Shogun Parts 1 & 2 are actually on Toonami or just [as]...
  5. I'm going to see DBSSH in a theater this evening at 9:15, so I doubt I'll be back home in time for this. But oh well... Midnight tonight. Only Toonami!!
  6. Are you also a fan of Toonami?
  7. New Otto Zonely Videos EVERY WEDNESDAY
  8. Deets: Some questions do abound, such as which episode of Dr. Stone airs at 3 AM on 12/11? Are they just gonna restart Season 2 from the beginning? Or is something else airing in that timeslot? (C'MON, Toonami, at least finish up Ballmastrz or something!)
  9. In this thread, we talk about how, while we know for certain that we get an epic night of Batman this Saturday, and we know Blade Runner: Black Lotus is coming November 13th, practically everything else about Toonami is a big fat question mark, and here's why... SHOWS ENDING (EPISODES LEFT) Black Clover (0) Fena: Pirate Princess (1) My Hero Academia (2) Food Wars (4?) Yashahime Season 1 (8? 11?) By December, with the exception of Shippuden, we will have an almost completely different lineup. So it would really behoove Toonami to announce what the heck it's gonna do with some of those rotating timeslots! Low hanging fruit: Demon Slayer Season 2; Jujutsu Kaisen; Ass Class Season 2; Harley Quinn Season 2?? (Hell, they ARE airing Batman movies, and you couldn't pick a better time to announce it, especially if it's allowed to air uncut and uncensored at 2 AM/11 PM PT or something!) Longshots: SSSS.Dynazenon; Lupin III Part 6; Mob Psycho Season 2; Boruto Season 2 One thing is for certain: I expect to be surprised! Bring it on, Toonami!!
  10. So now Adult Swim Music is apparently a thing on TV, and it threatens to take the Midnight Hour from Toonami--or is this a one-time thing!?
  11. A Japanese private junior high school rules its student body with a strict hierarchy, to the point where those with the worst grades are shoved into an abandoned shed beyond the campus in the mountains, left to rot, smell, and fend for themselves, and the other students scoff at them in disdain. One day the government issues a new homeroom teacher during the start of the semester: ... a goofy-looking, yellow, emoji-faced alien named Koro, who has tentacles, an eccentric personality, and uncountable superpowers! He has already destroyed the Earth's moon, and intends to do the same to Earth, unless the students can figure out a way to assassinate "Koro-Sensei" before the school year is over. But the students are all for it. Besides, their school has already failed them, and they have nothing left to live for. Killing a teacher is, deep down, a student's dream. How hard can it really be? Assassination Classroom is a sci-fi/comedy/drama/fantasy/satire shonen based on the manga that ran from 2012 to 2016. Its anime aired from 2015 to 2016, and Funimation picked it up and dubbed it as one of their first simuldubs. Now, Toonami is airing it from the beginning at 1 AM! Enjoy!
  12. ADULT SWIM CON: TOONAMI EDITION So, Toonami is airing something so super-secret tomorrow night at 12:30, they can't even tell us what it is, plus a bunch of trailers throughout the night. Discuss here!!
  13. Amidst Toonami shrinking to its smallest size in 4 years earlier this year, we also recently witnessed another, much more welcome change: banter between T.O.M. and S.A.R.A. at the top of each block, this time loosely reflecting current events. April began this change on April 4th with a pandemic-related message, and May followed with another. But will June change the tune to the George Floyd protests and riots currently breaking out in America? With curfews back on in many major U.S. Cities in response to the riots, more eyeballs will most likely be on Toonami than usual this week once again. It would certainly be a good time for T.O.M. and S.A.R.A. to give such a message to their base, who have been known throughout the years to contain more Blacks than the average TV demographic.
  14. Apparently this is gonna be a real thing.
  15. Currently, we know that One-Punch Man will be showing its final episode on 1/11/20, which means the midnight timeslot on 1/18/20 is unknown right now. So, what do YOU think Toonami will be airing in this timeslot? Will it be something new, or will they just move shows up to give a rerun to One-Punch Man Season 2? EDIT: Mystery solved. Sword Art Online: Alicization - War Of Underworld premieres 1/18/20 at Midnight. So, next mystery: what's replacing Fire Force (Season 1) on 2/8/20? [c'mon Star Blazers...]
  16. I'm making this thread to discuss the openings in Toonami's schedule that are coming up in early 2020, and what might be replacing them: Lupin III Part 5 (Ended 12/7/19) - This is the lowest of the low-hanging-fruit. It already ended a 3:30 AM premiere run that it got demoted to, and got already replaced in part by a 3 AM Lupin OVA, but speaking long-term I really don't think it's going to be replaced by a premiere. This would be a good timeslot for One Punch Man Season 2 reruns, but there's a problem--it will have 2 episodes left in premieres on 1/4 when this timeslot's occupant is needed. A good candidate would probably be reruns of gen:LOCK, this time uncut, since airing the first and last episodes with a 45-minute runtime would only displace AOT reruns, and that's fine. But if Toonami is completely insane, this might be a good timeslot for something older and really niche, but really really good, like Star Blazers 2199/2202. Of course, Toonami COULD take the low road and just contract back to ending at 4 AM, but I doubt they'll do that. If they do, I guess [as] might as well rerun Primal in the 4 AM timeslot... One Punch Man Season 2 (Ending 1/11/20) - The other piece of low-hanging fruit is much higher, in fact led-into by current flagship show MHA. It would be really insane, but oddly enough not THAT farfetched, since it would keep the Superhero Power Hour alive, for Toonami to dive back into DC animation for the first time in over 5 years with hilariously-edited episodes of Harley Quinn, but I think the most likely candidate show for this timeslot is fellow ONE creation Mob Psycho 100 Season 2. This would also be a great slot for a simuldub of a brand-new Winter show. Fire Force (Ending 2/1/20) - There are several directions Toonami could go with replacing this fiery 12:30 AM show. Perhaps some other shows move up and open a slot for something classic like Star Blazers 2199/2202 further down the lineup? Is this JoJo's opportunity to get out of the graveyard? What about Black Clover? Or Demon Slayer? Will SAO Alicization: War Of Underworld be ready yet? Or, maybe something new and hot (no pun intended) from FUNimation if it wasn't ready when OPMS2 ended? Dr. Stone Season 1 (Ending 2/22/20) - It was just announced on Twitter today that Dr. Stone will be taking a break after Episode 24 premieres this Friday, so there's an open midnight timeslot right here. Maybe this is where SAOAWOU goes, or maybe the 12:30 show that is hot and new pulls a reverse Fire Force and moves up to midnight, but since SAOA moved UP ot Midnight prior to its conclusion, I doubt that's what will happen. Demon Slayer (Ending April/May 2020) - I can't even begin to speculate on what will take this show's place. Promised Neverland Season 2 maybe? Is that even coming this winter? Who knows? SAOAWOU is an obvious pick if it's not airing already and took that long to ready the dub, but otherwise, who knows? I don't even know what's next after that. JoJo maybe? I'd say that depends on the length of the replacements of the aforementioned 5 shows though. But it is clear that after being relatively stable for 3 months, Toonami's regular lineup is once again about to go through a period of great volatility for the next 2 months or so. Hopefully it can keep up its mostly positive ratings momentum!
  17. For only the 2nd time since its inception (the first being a regular after-school block since 2/29/2000 was a Monday), Toonami gets to air on Leap Day next year. Since this is kind of a bizarre day that doesn't always show up on the calendar, I think this is low-hanging fruit for Toonami to run a movie or some kind of special event. The only 2 possibilities that come to mind are MHA: Two Heroes and DBS: Broly. Those are both "low-hanging fruit" that are movies that happen to be associated with popular series, and it's probably been long enough for a theatrical anime movie to show up on ad-supported cable TV, though with non-anime that often takes more like 2 years, so maybe it still hasn't been long enough for either yet. Two Heroes is from July 2018, so it might be available. Your Name is definitely ripe for the picking as well, though probably slightly less likely since it doesn't have a connection to a currently-or-recently aired series.
  18. Episode #13 (Season 2, Episode 1): THE HERO RETURNS! Saitama is BACK! And no villain is safe!! Witness as he continues to make his ascent thru the Hero Organization!! Punching into Toonami tomorrow night (10/12) at 11:30!!!
  19. This really bizarre news just in from FUNimation (well, actually, this news story is dated 9/5/19) regarding a screening of the final episode of Dragon Ball Super at New York Comic Con on Sunday, October 6th: https://www.funimation.com/blog/2019/09/05/my-hero-academia-new-york-guide-to-funimation-at-new-york-comic-con-nycc-2019/?utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=092019-cv-nycc2019&utm_source=&utm_content=blog&utm_nooverride=1 Now reading between the lines, it's probably a sneak peek, which means that the final episode of Dragon Ball Super will have to air on Toonami after that. So, it would be airing at 11 PM on October 12th if that's the case, with a brand new show, or maybe its 2nd episode, following at 11:30 (and that's probably Demon Slayer). Now, we've got only 4 episodes of DBS left, so how can that be done? The answer is I'm anticipating another "one-time cut" to Toonami, like what we saw with the April Fool's Day stunt in 2017 where they aired Rick & Morty Season 3's first episode all night, for "Pete Smith night". He retired from Adult Swim in 2017, and ever since, [as] has aired a mixture of Bob's Burgers (which they're losing soon-ish) and The Brak Show (so I guess after that it will just all be Brak) on September 28th. So, I posit that it's likely that Bob's Burgers and/or Brak will air before Toonami on 9/28, then Toonami will begin at Midnight on 9/28 (technically 9/29, not Pete Smith day anymore) with Dr. Stone. So, Pete Smith gets his night and Dr. Stone gets to begin Toonami for once at Midnight. But this would only happen for one night, as on October 5th, DBS returns with its next-to-last episode, probably followed by Demon Slayer at 11:30. And then on October 12th, we finally see the English Dub of the final episode of Dragon Ball Super, followed by Episode 2 of Demon Slayer. Meanwhile, Gundam The Origin would have ended at 3 AM on 9/28-9/29, so Lupin can move up to 3 AM on 10/5 and the rerun of MHA would follow at 3:30--BUT I DON'T THINK TOONAMI ENDS AT 4 AM! Instead, we would actually get DOUBLE MHA both that night and October 12th so Toonami stays with its 4:30 end for a while longer, and so MHA Season 3 can finish up its rerun leading to the dub premiere debut of MHA Season 4 at 11 PM on October 19th! As for what would happen to 3:30-4:30 AM on that night, reruns of gen:LOCK and AOT I guess??? So what do y'all think? It's contrived, but it actually kinda makes sense--maybe too much sense?
  20. In case you haven't heard, the Marathon Stream may be gone, but in its place, just in time for today, the 7th Anniversary of Toonami's return to the airwaves, there are several shows in which every episode so far aired on Toonami TV is now streaming on the [as] app! (Cable log-in IS required). They are, in alphabetical order: Attack on Titan Black Clover Cowboy Bebop Dragon Ball Super FLCL Ghost In The Shell Lupin The 3rd Part 4 One-Punch Man Outlaw Star Pop Team Epic Samurai Jack Sand Whale And Me Space Dandy The Promised Neverland Additionally, these shows don't have every episode aired on Toonami, but they do have several seasons: Dragon Ball Z Kai (1-33 + several from Final Chapters) Hunter x Hunter (from Episode 91) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Parts 3 & 4) Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Season 2) Naruto Shippuden (Since the 5 Kage arc) Sword Art Online (Alicization) Oddly enough, none of the "M" shows are on this list. There are NO episodes streaming of MegaloBox nor Mob Psycho 100 (so keep those on your DVR), and there are only about 10-12 episodes streaming each of Boruto and My Hero Academia.
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