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  1. I think that's just a bleak reminder of how much people pay attention to you.
  2. May I change the name to this account to SnitchyMcRat? I know it's cute to just ignore my requests, but a simple yes or no will suffice.
  3. I feel like you're comparing apples and oranges here. If we're talking steaming services, they aren't here to replace physical media, they are here to replace shit like cable and satellite..... The question concerning physical media would come from is owning a digital copy better. *Restraining*
  4. Well that's the end of that ...on to new business...how do we perm helpme
  5. Burning my son the demon slayer movie and playing nioh2....so nothing
  6. I don't think these links are doing what you think they are doing
  7. You just like to argue for the sake of arguing. I already agreed with you on the first few posts, then the went on to give me latin derivatives of Hebrew names of god.....which was fine. But Judaism using that name doesn't mean Catholics, baptists, prodestants or whatever use those terms I'm not arguing if it's the same God with the the same son named Jesus....I'm asking does Christian god have a fucking name....then you do that sponges thing where there is less cheese or some shit and I like to argue too...so now we're arguing some weird shit and I don't fold..... Also, tagging Pooh probably wasn't a good idea
  8. Wtaf...That's not at all what I said. And not at all what I'm asking.
  9. Cherry picking is fun, he was raised roman Catholic, Believing a biography is just like believing the Bible....the Christian bible, that is.
  10. Is he the same guy that told Hitler to genocide the Jewish people?
  11. I mean, I have several but the 2 that stick with me is once I was sleeping on the floor at the casino I was working at and I just randomly woke up and this huge budonkodonk spider was just chilling by my face. I fucking freaked and didn't sleep at work again for mont...wee....the rest of that night. Another was after hurricane Katrina, I only had a power supply to power necessities....which were the tv, the playstation and the heater. I don't need lights. But I was in bed and something said "hey derrick, look at the floor" and sure enough, a huge fucking spider...which I assume noticed me as I peered over my bed and he took the fuck off. With it being virtually impossible to see him anywhere other than in my room by the glow of the TV, I just sat up staring at the floor for hours hoping to get a chance to kill it. I think I have spider Spidey sense...I know when them mfers are around
  12. Oh, grandfather...I was about to say "yeah, this is definitely a man who borrowed a massage table to smash"
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