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  1. imagine what they would do if they took 70 million dollars from foreign entities either being slapped into nothing, or a pat on the back with a contract. it's hard to tell anymore.
  2. no, corporations run government, period. they have no boarders, but governments do. . .
  3. hatred is easier to compartmentalize as you age, and given our state of affairs, the stink is just the norm now. its fun, but there are other things to do with your day. who has time to rant on the daily anymore?
  4. NNN

    stop please

    i've never had email notifications on, and all of the sudden my shit is blowing up since yesterday or so. wtf boards. i turned them off but still...how did they turn on?
  5. it's been too long...20 years or so too long... ill make sure to stock up, reread, and force my offspring to digest the horror and tragedy within. haha. the hell you say? ill check that out!
  6. corporations run governments. that's all i was trying to say. the people are largely ignored. i've seen countless citizens parroting the same thing throughout the world - my gov't is a dick, sorry about that as i have no control over the matter. the next global collapse will bring war, and lots of it. i'm curious what the mercenaries we use will do when they are no longer backing their home country, and who will buy them out. should be interesting to see.
  7. thanks guys, i was wondering if he was still around, and hi odin i haven't seen you posting in a loooong time. im glad there seems to be plenty of people around still doing their thing. these are the only names that rang a bell with me. is hanor still around? i remember his persona through it all. is that a thing people do? not my forte. same. i usually only posted when i was messed up from other activities. i'm surprised i remember much at all.
  8. eat more blueberries. your brain will grow again around 30 -32. i do mean a fuck ton.
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