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  1. Pandas_Love


    such defined high cheekies so beauty
  2. Pandas_Love


    lovely meow meows
  3. Pandas_Love


    orange bitey lad taking a nap
  4. back a million years ago i use to have a gag with you about sharp characters (cacti, hedgehogs, etc) and balloons, im sure you hardly remember but thats okay...XD
  5. im not particularly a fan, my partner chose it and i just went along with it. ended up not being that bad, especially with with ice cream.
  6. ended up eating strawberry cake with cinnamon ice cream c'est magnifique
  7. brie *chef kiss* Honestly thinking about pizza even though I'm waiting on groceries to be delivered to me at this very moment.
  8. classic americana *smug face*
  9. i only said it for the shitpost but hi viper lol
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