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One Piece Pirate Power Hour: Episodes 666 & 667 Discussion

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Episode 666: The End of the Match?! A Surprising Result of Block D!


Episode 667: The Admiral's Decision! Fujitora vs. Doflamingo!

One Piece" Taishou no Ketsudan - Fujitora vs. Doflamingo (TV Episode 2014)  - IMDb

Behold a Pale Horse

Block D has come to a shocking finish with only one combatant standing! But who is it? And how did their victory come to be? Which of the Block D gladiators has a fantastic secret...and a devastating power? Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates make their move! In the underground port beneath the toyhouse, Robin, Usopp, and the Little People of Tontatta have infiltrated successfully. And Luffy, Zoro and Kin'emon discover a secret ally with the means to close the gap between them and Donquixote Doflamingo! 


The Purple Tiger Pounces

Outside the toyhouse, Franky continues his calamitous duel with the dashing and hard-boiled Senor Pink, providing a chaotic distraction for the forces in the underground port. But the Donquixote Family is not the only army the Straw Hat Pirates must overcome - Admiral Fujitora makes his own personal intentions known to Doflamingo before turning his attention to our heroes. Meanwhile, the gladitorial finals in the Colosseum have begun and some are surprised to see star contestant "Lucy" carrying himself like an entirely different person... 



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Whaaaa?  So Cavendish falls asleep and turns into a psycho?

Then he went back to normal and fell back down.  So that's what happened.

You damn narcoleptic nutcase!

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To quote Luke to Palpatine, your overconfidence is your weakness, Doflamingo.

LOL he's wrong about everything going on.  Luffy is out of the coliseum and the factory has already been infiltrated. 🤣

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Usolanders. 🤣

Blockhead who gets lost and some simpleton who wants to solve everything with his fists. 🤣

Well maybe you guys won't have to hide anymore after Doflamingo is history.  Then again the populace are still a bunch of morons.

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