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Found 27 results

  1. Episode 583: Save the Children! The Straw Hats Start to Fight! & Episode 584: A Swordplay Showdown! Brook vs. the Mysterious Torso Samurai! Battle in the Biscuits Room! The Straw Hat Pirates inside the strange facility encounter a wild surprise in the form of abnormally gigantic children! With the crew's heavy hitters still on the burning side of Punk Hazard, can these kids be saved from whatever it is that's going on here!? Meanwhile, as Brook makes his way to join his friends, he too is beset by a most unusual obstacle! Three-Way Conflict...PLUS ONE! The Straw Hats find themselves facing foes on tree fronts as the Biscuit Room Rescue Party fights off Punk Hazard's myseious masked army, the landing party defends itself against strangely scrambled island defenders, and the Humming Swordsman Brook swordsfights a vivisected samurai! But their troubles are just beginning, as Vice Admiral Smoker, Captain Tashigi and the G-5 Marines make their landing on the island! Is the enemy of one's enemy yet another enemy!? ONLY TOONAMI
  2. Episode 573: Finally Time to Go! Goodbye Fishman Island! & Episode 574: To the New World! Heading For The Ultimate Sea! The time to depart has come! The Straw Hat Pirates, having concluded their business, prepare to set sail for the second half of the Grand Line. But what of Madam Shyarly's premonition of destruction? With the New World awaiting them, what advice and guidance can the people of Fishman Island provide? Will their old equipment and experience be enough? ONLY TOONAMI
  3. 563: "A Shocking Fact! The True Identity of Hordy" 564: "Back To Zero! Earnest Wishes for Luffy..." Set sail for a full hour of One Piece tonight at 1 AM!! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  4. Set sail! Join the fight at 1 AM Tonight! Only TOONAMI!!
  5. Set Sail!!!! You can join the fight at 1:30 indeed, but if you do, you're HALF AN HOUR LATE to the party!! Tomorrow night (6/18-19/22) we party like it's 2013...on Toonami!!
  6. Last time you remember, Hordy summoned Surome the Kraken, but he saw his old friend Luffy and turned on his new master!! Set sail for more at 1:30 tonight! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  7. It's on every Saturday Night! At 1:30 you can join the fight!! Only Toonami!!
  8. 2 more great episodes tonight! 1:30 we join the fight! Only Toonami!!
  9. Hey, this works again!! You heard 'em! Join the fight tonight at 1:30 for a full hour!! Only Toonami!!
  10. Episode 543: The Death of the Hero! A Shocking Truth of Tiger! & Episode 544: The Sun Pirates Split! Jinbe vs Arlong! Jinbe's tale of Fisher Tiger continues. The Sun Pirates, embracing life and peace, accept the young human named Koala into their fold and vow to return her to her birthplace. But will the venemous treachery of human bigotry strike like snakes, killing the dream of unity in its cradle? What is the lesson of Fisher Tiger? What is the origin of the Human-Fishman transfusion taboo? How did Arlong come to be loosed on the East Blue? And was his two-faced acceptance of young Nami, years ago, a reflection of his memories of Koala? ONLY TOONAMI
  11. Jimbei's backstory continues... 2 AM tonight; only Toonami!!
  12. Episode 539: The Haunting Ties! Nami and the Fish-Man Pirates! As the New Fishman Pirates exert their sinister will on the citizens of Fishman Island, The Straw Hat Pirates in the Sea Forest listen to Jinbe's tale. How is it that The Arlong Pirates came to terrorize the East Blue? How had The Great Pirate Era affected the denizens of Fishman Island? What is the significance of these two names: Queen Otohime and Fisher Tiger? ONLY TOONAMI
  13. The zany pirate epic continues tonight at 2 AM! ONLY TOONAMI!!
  14. Episode 535: Hordy's Onslaught! The Retaliatory Plan Set Into Motion! & Episode 536: The Battle in the Ryugu Palace! Zoro vs. Hordy! Stumbling into trouble like always, The Straw Hats in the Ryugu Palace - Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Brook - have accidentally taken the Royal Court and Guards hostage. But while they attempt to secure their escape, Hordy Jones and Vander Decken IX - the leaders of the New Fishman Pirates - have enacted their dastardly plan to invade with a barrage of human captives! Meanwhile, Franky's search for the missing Thousand Sunny, Robin's investigation into Fishman Island's history, and Luffy's impromptu promenade with Princess Shirahoshi are all leading them to the same place - The Sea Forest...where Jinbe, The Former Warlord and First Knight of the Sea, is waiting... ONLY TOONAMI
  15. It's an Emergency! The Ryugu Palace is Occupied! & The Ryugu Palace in Shock! The Kidnapping of Shirahoshi! Best Show Time!! Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates stretch their legs and stir up trouble in the royal palace of Fishman Island!!
  16. The epic pirate anime continues, as our crew has just found themselves face to face with too many monsters for their Kraken Surome to take on! But Luffy has just noticed something interesting... WE GO! -- at 2 AM Tonight (2/26-27/22) ONLY 2NAMI!!
  17. Fishman Island under attack? Say it ain't so! WE GO! As the epic pirate tale continues at 2 AM tonight! Only Toonami!!
  18. One Piece Episodes: 525: "Disaster in the Deep Sea - The Separated Straw Hat Crew" & 526: "Undersea Volcanic Eruption! Swept into Fish-Man Island" Everyone hold your breath as we dive into two more One Piece episodes tonight on Toonami Opening: "We Go" Toonami airdate: February 20th, 2022 from 2am until 3am eastern
  19. Here's how the story goes we find out ONE PIECE 523 - A Surprising Fact! The Man Who Guarded the Sunny! ONE PIECE 524 - Deadly Combat Under the Sea! The Demon of the Ocean Strikes! INTO THE NEW WORLD! The Straw Hat Crew has reunited back home! Rayleigh's memories and a new adventure under the sea begins!
  20. Just posted on their FB page. One Piece returns to the block starting with episode 517 which is the first episode of the post-timeskip https://www.facebook.com/1440408039583372/posts/2886527124971449/
  21. The last episodes of this mini-arc air tonight! How the hell will the Straw Hats leave Sabaody behind? Find out tonight at 2 AM! ONLY TOONAMI!!
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