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Zom 100 Episode 2: "Bucket List Of The Dead" Discussion!

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Just now, CorbeauKarasu said:

do zombies climb ladders in the walking dead?


In the last few episodes of the original series, it was shown that the walkers learned to climb walls, so yeah...


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She just ignores him lol.

Risking his life for nonessentials lol.  Not gonna share contact info after all haha.

This girl is very analytical.

Thanks for the rescue, though.

Oh, the truck was driven by a zombie.  Thought an ally of the girl's drove it, or she remote controlled it.

There goes his bike.

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So Akira is acknowledging he doesn't want to take dumb risks.  

Hey, can we get captions for this list, please?  Only got a few.

Unfortunately, your parents and best bud may already be dead.  Although, your crush is zombified, you did just meet an analytical athletic cutie.

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I found the mindset this show promotes to be really relevant. I can relate to low key hoping some kind of disaster provides an excuse for me to ditch work. I think the younger generations in general aren't satisfied with the idea of dedicating our short lives to a capitalist system that gets filthy rich off of our labor.

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Minimizing sugar intake is really important here. 🤣

lmao troll movie ending.

We've got slow and fast ones.  Whelp.

Saw a post recently about how the military and police would likely make short work of the zombies.  Doesn't look like this show will address that either haha.

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