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Sword Art Online: Alicization - War Of Underworld Episode 15 "Instigation" Discussion

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Since Al commented on the weight of my cats, I decided to elaborate, and tell more about them.

The 12 pound cat is definitely fat.  Julia, the Siamese, is lazy and doesn't do much.  But the 14 pound fluffy black cat, Justin, is legit just a big cat, and he's active.  So he's not fat for his size.  Lots of floof though lol.  Funny thing is they are such polar opposite personalities.  Julia is lazy and easily scared of stuff, can be pretty co-dependent.  Justin is friendly but more independent, is active and much more of a snoop and even a hunter, and there isn't much that scares him, except for the vacuum (they both hate that.) Justin is pretty intelligent too, but Julia doesn't exactly seem like a member of MEWNSA hahaha.

In an update to my situation, I had my stitches removed on Monday and was told I could return to normal activity in 2 weeks from then.  Meaning by the end the month.  Like I mentioned before, you would be surprised how many things way over 10 pounds and how much you need to be able to move your back to be able to do everyday things.  But I am glad the dermatologist caught something before it could turn into something worse!




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Just now, elfie said:

On the risk of sounding stupid, I really forget a lot of what's happening.

to be fair nothing about this set up makes sense, supposedly they confirmed souls exist and copied them into a virtual setting for the purposes of making an evil A.I. that would kill everything so that they could then copy and install into all the U.S. militaries drones

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Just now, ben0119 said:

Not really though.  That was repeatedly established.  They are copies of human souls.

which makes no sense because Souls aren't even a qualtifiable thing....they're an abstract concept humans invented to explain consciousness

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