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Japan ramps up the remakes with a Tokyo Babylon TV anime


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Haven’t seen the original, but it looks promising. I’m more familiar with GoHands based on K and Coppelion, and I enjoy the “too damn bright” art style they’ve done for themselves. Their plots aren’t the best, but with pre-existing source material from CLAMP, I think this time around, it’s GoHands’ time to shine. 

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Never heard of it.

Considering the state of things where shows are coming back with either sequels, remakes, next generation things and so on, for some reason I feel like we could see a return of FMA, not sure why I feel that way of all anime out there, maybe it's because Inuyasha got one and it makes me think of FMA.

Going off that, I do think Hiromu Arakawa did a lot of worldbuilding with the FMA franchise to where she could easily return to it with a new story. Whether that be a next gen thing with kids of the originals, or a fully original setting that's in the same world. There were a lot of other countries in the series, with only a glimpse at a few of them.

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