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best/worst star trek voyager cracaters


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Captain Janeway because she's the best captain

B'elanna Torress  because she didn't have time for people's shit

The Doctor  because he was trying so hard 

Seven of Nine because I appreciated the bond she had with Janeway and her stoicism


Tom Paris ... Voyager was my favorite but I got real tired of his shit 


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Best: Seven of Nine obviously. Intelligent, ruthless, glamorous. Gave the show a much needed edginess boost. Obsessed w/efficiency, but still understands the necessity of skintight clothes, heels, and corsets.

Worst: Samantha Wildman. Ineffectual breeder. Only purpose to produce Naomi Wildman.

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Best character  the EMH  one  the best doctor in star trek he would have gave dr."bones" McCoy run for his money

best gust character reginald Barclay  voyager episodes that he was on  sean how much he has  grown as a character

Worst character neelix When you are more useless than I am your pathetic (thanks sf debris)

worst gust character turivx ugliest Clothes for Star Trek series ever

can we have UEMB startrek club 


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best- captain janeway: best captain ever, shes a leave no crewman behind kinda person and she tries to uphold her morals. shes great when it comes to getting shit done, she dont buckle at the first sign of trouble. borg in the way? not a problem for this woman.


seven- not only a great concept for her character but also very well acted by jeri ryan. this was supposed to be just a sex appeal character but became much more than that. 


tuvok- he should have had more exposure but it i always felt he played the vulcan part best. always the most logical person on the ship and his sense of humor was the funniest in the show. his relationship with was done for comedy but best part i felt was how they grew to appreciate one another. 


worst- chakotay. i like his maqui story but this man had almost nothing to do all series long. its a shame too since the actor put can put on a good performance like in scorpion. but he just phones it in most the time. 


borg kids- they were mainly more there for seven but it was kinda hard to care for them outside of that.


harry kim- could have had sex with seven but cock blocked himself? wtf!!!




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