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Black Clover Page 119 Discussion

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I was right!  The same band who did the EPIC AND AWESOME 3rd OP does this new 10th one!



This song has a different feel, but still great.  And I love how the animation is synced to the music.  The bird flying with piano, Asta's devil flashing on screen etc.


Here is the full version -


And for good measure, here is a great English dub I found.  And nice to know the lyrics, since wise guys just kept posting the song with Japanese lyrics!



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12 hours ago, OwlChemist81 said:

PAGE 119

1:30 AM Tomorrow Night!

Once again, the first original thing on Toonami!!

I just had a marathon of 114-118.  A much needed re-watch for me and great episodes to watch again regardless of if you missed anything the first time.  Pumped for tonight's.  Black Clover has become one of my favorite series, and one of the shows I look forward to the most every week.

And yup, Chad Asta now reigns supreme on Toonami! :D


All that shit talk about this show, and now the chickens, ah, anti-birds have come home to roost. :D


Haha, I just noticed how Nero is distinct from the others.


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Usually devils would HATE Light Magic, but it doesn't work on him.  But, the Dark Magic and Black Light Magic does, which would usually do little damage to a devil or even heal or give them more power.  In this case, I guess it works because the Dark magic the same "format?"

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