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Back when Saturday morning cartoons were a thing...


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Which station kept your attention for most of the morning? For me, it was Fox Kids. However, this changed when the Fox Box came around. After the programming changed, I would occasionally switch to WB Kids during the mornings.

I didn't feel that the programming that Fox broadcast was compelling enough after 2003 to keep me on board. Soon after, I just stopped watching cartoons in the morning altogether.

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Guest LytKing
1 minute ago, Dark_Cloud_Overhead said:

How is it I've never seen that one still? There must be some type of imbalance in the universe. I'm gonna have to correct that.


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I honestly don't remember. When I was a kid I was religious about watching Pokemon up until I was 10, that being around the time the Hoenn region stuff started happening. I watched the first chunk of episodes but then my dumbass jumped in the deep end of a pool even though I couldn't swim, me almost drowning, after which I was forced to take swimming lessons every Saturday morning for the rest of that Summer, me falling behind on Pkmn to the point where I just gave up.

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