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anyone else feel like toonami just flies by really fast each week?


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Eh... I think it varies from week to week. It's usually based on how much I'm enjoying the shows and if there's something in particular I want to see.


One thing's for sure, though: After watching the extended Toonami block with Children Who Chase Lost Voices earlier this month, I don't miss the block as it used to be. 5.5 hours (or even worse, 6.5) is too much of a slog.

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I usually watch from DBZ through Hunter X Hunter and leave Naruto and One Piece for another day (mostly since I'm a couple episodes behind on both and Naruto's a massive buzzkill).


Should note that I never really watch it 100% live. If I go out, I usually record it and start watching when I get back home at around 2:00 or 3:00am.

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