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Hunter x Hunter 147 Discussion Thread

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Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Episode 147: "Salvation x And x Future" (VIZ Media's titles may be translated differently)

"Sukui to Mirai"

スクイ × ト × ミライ


Original airdate: September 17th, 2014

Toonami airdate: June 15th, 2019


Last time you remember, Gon finally got to talk face to face with his "faaaather" if you wanna call him that, but not about father-son things. About Kite, because they both know what's the most important issue at that moment. This meant their reunion had to be cut short as Gon heads straight to see he-she.  The election finally ends with Smugface winning the most votes and appointing Cheadle as his vice-chairman .... and then resigning his position not a second later!  ... yeah he was just trolling everyone for fun. My lord. And Killua failed to get rid of Alluka's curse ... but only because he realized he has to respect both sides of his sweet little sister.  Will Cheadle's first task as the new Hunter Association chairwoman be to arrest Sparkly McAsshole?? Will Nanika continue killing innocent victims now that she's staying??  Will Kurapika have a less depressing appearance in the manga?? Find out on...

Toonami at 3 AM!


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Also FYI, I again won't be seeing this live tonight. But NOT because I'll be tired.  .... it's because it's Father's Day weekend and I'm at my folks.



.... yep.

If you didn't realize, we had Easter, then mother's day, then Memorial day, then FATHER'S day, all 2-3 weeks apart from each other.  ... sometimes I think the world is going by way too fast.

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