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Hunter x Hunter: Episode x 130 x Discussion

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Hunter x Hunter 
Episode 130
"Magic × To × Destroy"

 (マホウ×デ×ゼツボウ, Mahō × De × Zetsubou

Opening Song: "Departure! -second version-"

Ending Song:

"Hyōri Ittai"

Japan air date: May 21st, 2014    Toonami air date: February 17th, 2018 at 2:30am 

Moving as quickly as an ant possibly can, Pouf continues to try remove any trace of Komgui that the King could encounter. I guess you could say Pouf would prefer to have the King be blind to Komgui's entire life. 

Will the King ever remember his connection with Komgui?


Also Gon along with Neferpitou finally reach the location of Kite, however will Gon be ready to handle whatever situation awaits him inside?

These questions and more could be answered tonight.

Only on Toonami

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