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2016 is the new 2009.


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isnt pretty much everyone going to concentration camps next year? black, muslims, mexican, women who had abortions, and anyone who speaks any other language but english?


Actually, you're thinking of FEMA camps. And cisgendered white people will be headed there, too.

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I think the Trump factor is what makes 2016 10000x worse than 2009.


a lot of deaths AND concentration camps vs a lot of deaths and no concentration camps at all for anything.


And - we sort of joke about concentration camps - but there are seriously a lot of parallels I think between Trump and more importantly is constituency's view and potential policy that may derive from that vs Mexicans and Muslims.  Which very much mirrors in its way the Nazi doctrine vs Gypsies (kind of the Mexicans of Europe) and ironically the Jews (who were similarly scapegoated as Muslims are now).


And yeah, it's kind of - can seem silly/paranoid for people to think stuff like that could actually happen, but - it's happened before.  And not because some evil dude swept into power and made people do stuff against their wills.  Constituencies were swayed.  People actively supported the doctrine.  Many of those that didn't, also didn't speak out.


"Never again" is a very important historical idiom. 


So - it does seem a little "over-reacty" to me sometimes.  But even still, I have no real problem with a little paranoia directed at that particular situation.  It may even actually be required.


But I'd rather have it be an over-reaction to nothing, than no reaction at all to something that gets away from us before we notice it and react to it.

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