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Lupin the Third Part IV Episode 10 aka "Requim for the Assassins" Discussion

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Episode 10


"Requiem for the Assassins"

"Koroshiya-tachi no Rekuiemu" (殺し屋たちの鎮魂歌(レクイエム))


Italian title:

"Requiem per gli assassini"


Toonami Airdate: August 27th, 2017 at  1:30am


Italian airdate:

September 13, 2015

Japanese airdate:

November 26, 2015


Last time Lupin and Jigen went looking for a treasure in an old castle, converted into an hotel, which was said to be haunted by a ghost (It freakin was). Here, Lupin faced an aged woman thief and her two sons, but is helped by a little girl, Carla, who claimd to be the owner's actual daughter. At the end however, Lupin managed to find the treasure room, and then found out that Carla herself was the ghost (in the treasure room her bones were discovered); however, since someone had been able to find the treasure, she finally could rest in peace.


While the last episode was mostly ghostly tonight's episode really brings it on home with Goemon getting a chance to step into the spotlight. There are real bullets, real sword fights, and real tension as a past assassination job Goemon was involved with comes back to haunt him.


Directed by

Kazuhide Tomonaga (Chief director)

Yūichirō Yano

Written by

Yūya Takahashi


Japanese Episode 10 trailer:



It's a Goemon party





and you can die if you want to


Only on


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I really want to see this movie now, I eat up anything noir

I know nothing about it I just googled "rebecca" out of curiosity while watchin Lupin one night and this movie was one of the results and the posters for it were too perfect
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