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Trigger announces 3 new projects. No, none of them are Panty and Stocking.


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They include:


A sci-fi show titled Darling, a co-production with A-1 Pictures.


SSSS (Or Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad) Gridman - A remake of the old tokusatsu production better known in the US for a localization which starred Matthew Lawrence and Tim freaking Curry. 



And finally, Promare, a project described as being similar to Kill La Kill and Gurren Lagann in style.

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Darling is the only one I'm skeptical about, mostly because it seems like it'll be more of A1's creation.


I know SSSS is going to be phenomenal because the director made Inferno Cop. Promare has the most promise of being good because Imaishi's back in action.


As far as PSG goes, Gainax would have to hand that over to them for that to be possible, and I can't see that happening any time sooner.

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I'm most excited for this considering who's on it and what style they're doing with. THe other two, I don't have any basis to have an opinion on.


Well Gridman was the subject of a 5 minute short Trigger did for the Japan Animation Expo, although this series is apparently a remake.


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