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  1. Yes he's hilarious. I seen his vids years ago and forgot all about him. Came across the Earthbound 'review' and nearly died of laughter. Have to check out the 'Goat Simulator!' Still odd someone else just watched the Polybius vid.it was my first viewing.OK long enough sorry!
  2. I ran into my dude Paul like a week ago.he was sponsored by plan b back in the day.anyways he's 36 and was skating the same church curbs from 1998.a friend and i were shroom hunting by this church.(not those shrooms)He can still 360 flip at least 2-3ft off the ground. Sorry seen this post and had to add this
  3. What kind of shit can u get from an unclean ac unit? Serious here. Isn't it like strep or however its spelled? Could Google just bored sorry
  4. H----O------L------Y shit! I just watched this the day before yesterday! Whoa....very crazy. Gave me a headache tbh.didn't know there was an actual game for ps4.but so crazy someone here watched this too.I just subscribed to his channel after watching the Earthbound video. Then the scratch and sniff in Nintendo Power!wow....
  5. I'm ridin' the bupe myself
  6. Funny shit right there. Doing OK I suppose. Its crazy that the AS boards got dissolved.
  7. Gotta say Battfield 1. Regardless of all its shortcomings, and historical inaccuracies its a fun game. There aren't many games I've ever played that get over 500 hrs of play time from me. Except for RPG'S. Have to give it to them, its a great FPS shooter that still has me hooked over a year later.
  8. A Life Less Ordinary 7/10 Rated so high bc I loved it as a teenager,plus clay animation...
  9. Recently watched a movie with this song in it. Didn't realize that I liked SOME REM songs.
  10. Whoa...Bloodhawk from IB?That's cool. On topic,right now i m playing BF1 (still) and also (even still) modding and playing FO4.Just waiting for Sea of Thieves and FC5. Also glad to see that the boards are still here in a sense.
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