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  1. I honestly got about halfway through last night in bed and had to stop when I realized how much more there was. Would it be so bold of me to ask for a highlighting of the relevant excerpts? Thank you and kiss.
  2. I have never had a cavity and I'm honestly surprised
  3. I went to the dentist a couple weeks ago my teeth get all the compliments
  4. fortunately I am not a pregnant woman, and my teeth are beautiful maybe if my gf gets preggers I will tell her to lay off the tap water and hit up the hard liquor instead
  5. Admin_Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    $5 says one of the jirachi quests requires evolving a feebas i specifically haven't messed with that sucker yet
  6. Oh I get degrees like that, geared towards a specific career or trade, being treated based on the economic value they produce. You can't be an engineer or an architect or any licensed professional without a requisite degree so that's logical. I meant the ones on the liberal arts side, knowledge for the sake of knowledge. The degrees whose purpose isn't just to mold future workers but to develop well-rounded human beings in this complicated modern society.
  7. Admin_Raptorpat

    Pokémon Go

    it was storming here, which is fine because i totally had zero interest in going out
  8. I think guaranteeing loans certainly hasn't helped create an incentive to tamp down on bloat at colleges and universities, but have more fundamental problems are that (1) with rising costs, educational institutions [for-profit or not] treat students as customers instead of students, complete with a mentality of making customers happy at all costs over actual academics, and (2) with degrees so intrinsically tied to their economic value (regardless of the degree sought) in this era of high cost, the system has basically determined that knowledge without direct market value attached have no value (i.e. jokes about liberal arts majors working as baristas).
  9. ok, just let me know if you don't or if you want a couple alternates to fill in for no shows or for whatever reason need me to make another post or whatever
  10. that didn't mention debt alternatives, other than a single throwaway line under the third heading and then when you get to the bottom it just says the article was republished from the washington examiner and then you go to the home page and realize this site is just a libertarian think tank
  11. how many slots are left? also, general reminder - i'm pretty sure our email system is still broken so if you are relying on the site sending you an email when you get a PM you're outta luck until that's fixed and you gotta log on to see if you have messages
  12. why'd you make a new account hubb
  13. I had a problem several months ago where a hold was put on my account, and they couldn't help me. They referred me to a debt collection agency (who requested the hold), and they couldn't help me because the social security digits I kept giving him did not match what he had on file. The obvious answer (especially considering I didn't owe any outstanding, overdue debt) was that they locked the wrong account. But it took hours of back-and-forth between the two before I finally got a call back from the boss at the bank, who had corrected the mistake and apologized profusely.
  14. Could it be the internet connection? Do you have another device connected to the same network that can upload?
  15. High school-quality ads aside, the Albany-Schenectady-Troy metropolitan statistical region (to use scoob-parlance) more or less hovers around the national average for most things, too far east for lake-effect snow, and is outside of the sphere (and costs) of the NYC metropolitan region. So it sounds like sorce is moving to downtown Troy with all the other yuppies.
  16. Here sorce, if this doesn't convince you to relocate I don't know what will:
  17. I put up an announcement. Tell me what to edit, what the deadline is, and I'll update it.
  18. It's kind of right there, right in your post you just typed out. The WTC represents the world economic order and its rules that were built around the United States economy in the post-WW2 era and the Pentagon (and White House) represent the United States' history of military and political intervention in foreign countries. It's incredibly obvious dude. The difference between Al Qaeda and ISIS, for example, is that ISIS was built on an extremist religious sect trying to usher in the end times and their actions were entirely in pursuit of that goal, while Al Qaeda's goals were largely of a secular political nature masked behind religion for recruitment purposes. Remember - it wasn't the first WTC bombing by Al Qaeda.
  19. Yeah I'd probably cry and piss myself instead.
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