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  1. You lose interest in your hobbies, dreams, and goals you had in your twenties. I'll be 31 in August and I've been going through a complete metamorphosis for nearly a year but I don't consider myself old just yet.
  2. You accomplished expressing your ignorance. So, be proud of that. Feel better? Oh yeah, welcome to my ignore list.
  3. What is it about McDonald's that attracts the crazies? All of the fast food fights and drama I've seen has always been at McDonald's. Wendy's would NEVER!
  4. In February of this year, I paid a medical bill in full from last year but could not understand why I continued to receive statements in the mail. Today, I discovered that the reason I continued to receive statements is due to old medical debt from 2012. I had NO idea I still had debt and was never notified of it until today. This was after I had to jump through hoops trying to get connected to billing because the calling card my local primary care gave me has the wrong extension printed on it for billing (it sends you to prescription services). It's even more frustrating to pay a bill. You have to sign-up with a payment service to do so and good gracious, I'm so tired of having so many logins for everything. My primary care and hospital is under the control of Vidant and I truly miss the days when they weren't. It's complicated, we have new doctors that couldn't careless, and you're treated more like a number/customer than a patient. Sorry OP, I had to get that off my chest and yes, I agree, it's all a racket.
  5. Wait, this is Fuggs? How many alts does her crazy self own? O_o Oh well, welcome to my ignore list, Candy.
  6. I never had my hopes up about impeaching Trump. He has a history of saving his own butt and leaving every one else with a bag of crap when things go bad. Even if impeachment proceedings start, Senate Republicans would block every effort and those guys are more than willing to die on ANY hill for Trump. I'll probably get dragged to hell and back for saying this but I do think Nancy is playing the long con with Trump. We might hate it because it's so excruciatingly slow but it could offer the best results in the long run. As much as I dislike Trump and find him bad for business, I truly can't stomach Pence taking his spot. Trump is just an useful idiot that makes the USA a laughing stock of the world but Pence wants a theocracy with a White-led, fundamentalist, evangelical Christian domination. That scares me more than anything.
  7. From KCCI, Des Moines: I knew I was making the smart choice after all these years!
  8. I have to deal with know-it-all people, argumentative types, and dummies in general. I'm teaching myself how to not engage such people or simply ignore them but good Lord, they can say such stupid crap that sets me off that I sometimes lose control. Politics wise, I learned a long time ago that you just don't discuss politics with everyone.
  9. I haven't had one of those in ages. I need to make that. How could I forget about that dish?!
  10. I do not understand the mindset of such people like the OP. At this point, I'm convinced him and his ilk need to be placed into a psychiatric ward. Society will be better off.
  11. I've been hearing good things about it. I think I'll give it a try.
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