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  1. Netflix has Scarface and at the risk of being slaughtered by its cult following, I give the movie a 3 out 5 stars. I've seen the movie multiple times but hadn't seen it in several years and this time, I've noticed a lot of off-things about the movie. I feel like the plot was choppy and each act just shifted quickly from one scene to the next without a clear conclusion; in other words, there wasn't a smooth and streamlined transition throughout the movie. Yeah, I get it, it was all about Tony Montana rising to the top in the drug underworld of wild 1980s Miami but I feel the foundation of the story is kind of weak. I wish there had been more of a divulge into Tony's background before Miami and why he was so damn obsessed with his sister and psychotically overprotective of her. I suppose, however, the movie is all about the action and bloodshed for many people and Tony give many wannabe bad boys something to aspire to. With that said, Tony is bad for business. Too hot-headed, cocky, stubborn, and impulsive. Besides, I prefer Manny. 😍
  2. HBO Max: True Blood, Rurouni Kenshin, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. Netflix: Haunted (Season 3).
  3. I like both but since I've been on the go for the past several years, eBooks have been a lifesaver.
  4. I would be highly pissed if the eBooks I purchased were revoked from me. I'm sorry but even a refund couldn't make it up for me. Anyway, I'll never have this problem because I use Calibre.
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