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  1. Would this count? It's leather, but it didn't require an animal to be killed: Lab-Grown Leather | VitroLabs Inc
  2. Looks like cultured meat could be made available in the US this year if the FDA approves it. Of course, there's going to be a fight with ranchers and farmers who are going to have lobbyists attempt to regulate it to death. Source: How to Buy Lab-Grown Meat? FDA Weighs Approval of Sales in 2022 - Bloomberg
  3. I have been wondering if it's going to have any temporary effect on the climate like big volcanic blasts often do.
  4. Vermont: 94.2 percent white Oregon: 86 percent white Iowa: 90 percent white If people from California are looking to be away from minorities, they're not heading to the whitest states. I'm still trying to figure out what sort of point you're trying to make. I'm not even sure what you're even taking issue with aside from "California is losing population to other states."
  5. You're not citing anything in specific. Births have gone down in the state and lower and middle income families are leaving. Also: Are you even familiar with the demographic makeup of Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Texas? If people are seeking places where they don't want to live around minorities then Vermont, Oregon and Iowa would be exploding in population right now.
  6. I'm not sure the point you're trying to make here. You're not pointing at any statistical information. The exodus from California is spread across most demographic groups: https://calmatters.org/projects/california-black-population-exodus/ https://www.city-journal.org/html/california-economy-16076.html Even the immigrant population is leaving: https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2020-10-16/reverse-migration-california-coronavirus-covid-pandemic Ohio's and the Midwest's decline is no secret and has been a thing for years. Not sure what the relevance is aside from "they're heading south too."
  7. Oregon had seen growth really slow in 2019 and word is 2020 is going to be a bad year, particularly due to Portland losing its shine. Washington looks to be doing OK, but it's experiencing the same problem as far as becoming too expensive for anyone but single professionals to live, at least as far as the metro areas. Idaho, Arizona and Utah seem to be the places everyone wants to be as far as the Western states go now. That will probably mean more congressional seats for Republicans thanks to the way the districts will be drawn.
  8. Everything that I've seen has pointed at decline, which is benefiting other states, particularly Texas. The biggest reason people used to leave California was due to the cost of living but now the environment is playing an even bigger role. People are giving up due to the air quality, water shortages and, of course, having homes burnt down by wildfires almost as soon as they're rebuilt. Plus, California is starting to lose the industry that drew so many there over the last three decades: Tech. Overall, the population trend is negative for California and looks like it will be accelerating over the next decade: https://qz.com/1599150/californias-population-could-start-shrinking-very-soon/ It is going to lose at least one congressional district by the next election. California has always been a state dependent on people going there from other places, not families that stay for generation after generation. The market for workers looking to make big moves has become more competitive and California is losing. It's going to be the most populous state for awhile, but the trend is that more people are leaving than are coming. If the military didn't have so many operations there, the loss would probably be more pronounced. We still have no idea the effect coronavirus has had on the population yet, but we know it's bad. Newsom isn't to blame, he's just been left with an impossible situation, even before coronavirus.
  9. I have to admire Pat Robertson's tenacity in regards to all the attempts to buy him out of that seemingly eternal contract for the 700 Club to air on whatever network CBN used to be. The last amount I heard he was offered was $42 million.
  10. I thought the 700 Club only came on at some godawful hour like 3 a.m. now.
  11. So, some questions after reading this: What is the future of Los Angeles considering California is starting to experience a population decline? What U.S. city will displace Los Angeles as No. 2 in the US and how long (if it is on the same track as the state)? Will New York City feel the same population decline as the rest of the state (which is on track to lose two congressional seats)? Where is the population gravity of the country in your opinion? So, the article: https://www.axios.com/rise-of-megacities-world-3c212d8e-a269-45b9-9e74-3106ed681e9c.html
  12. I remember her being kind of old when I was a kid ... kind of expected her to be old when I got old too.
  13. It may be an age thing for you or it may be that you don't really have a perspective how huge country music is. In the late 80s and early 90s her songs were everywhere and she was a household name because she just had "something" that caught people's attention. The woman is still able to headline arena tours despite her best-selling album days being about 30 years behind her. But the thing that helped her get the TV part more than anything is that she actually had acting talent. She was actually pretty great in Tremors as gun-toting survivalist married to the dad from Family Ties.
  14. May 15, 1994 Rollins Band performs "Liar."
  15. ZoomBubba

    120 Minutes Live

    120 Minutes was a pretty influential show at one point (Smells Like Teen Spirit had its world premiere there). Lots of videos and lots of live performances. I'm going to post some of the live performances here, starting with The Cure playing Just Like Heaven from sometime in the early 1990s (didn't have a year for this performance).
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