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  1. Laserdisc was the shit....Now, as I lament on how I was alive for this, I leave you with my favorite Madonna song.
  2. OK, I'll take this as my erpyderp moment of the day.... I don't know if you're serious....Are you scaring away birds so you don't kill them when you demolish their homes. I'm actually asking, I'm no a tree hugger....More of a tree ogler, but not that in love with them....I just was wondering what's practical about scaring birds. Or this was a joke and I completely missed it.
  3. And this is why Ghostie hates him.
  4. That's mighty conservative of you.
  5. You say these things like it matters.....And you're kinda putting a big hole in that whole not being a rat thing. But go ahead....The fact that you wish to report me for suggesting that a man who has no interest in women may be gay kinda points directly to your homophobia. There is nothing wrong with being gay....But I'm not the one struggling with my sexuality at "30" something, so I can't possibly know how hard this is for you.
  6. I'm not, most of them think you're gay too....We've had talks about this.
  7. Wow, this is a really Bucketesque hill to die on, but whatever....Have fun with defending this badass person that I'm sure doesn't even exist since OP hasn't even came back to this thread.
  8. Well......That's not the answer I was expecting....But of course.
  9. It was exactly what it was supposed to be....Cool for a season then fade away into obscurity and eventually into strictly national tours.
  10. Looks like the only one is in Santa Fe TX....I know I saw one in McKinney or Denison....But it's nothing to talk about so even if it was next door to hour house, I'd believe you.
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