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  1. 14 hours....mods and admins have all posted within that time frame....Yet our king's prayers go unanswered.
  2. Don't send this to DF....Take care of y'all own babies.
  3. ......I'm comfused. Messing with Riri is blasphemous.....Buuuuuut, I'm almost feeling it. I'll check it out again when I'm high.
  4. Don't fall for it.....If she's ever dumped into some sort of money scandal, Nabs will find proof that she forgot to scan an item at self check-out and use that as evidence of her guilt.
  5. Ah, feels good to know that I don't bother looking at that shit.
  6. Those files are confidential now. Work was done....and it was fine.
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