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  1. lol, slapboxing then a rush. This was very weak.
  2. I legit think he doesn't pay anything and is staying there just because no one cares enough to kick the dude out of a nigh condemned building.
  3. I got Titanfall 2 because it was free.....I don't have anything of value to add.
  4. Well, like just about all YT rankers, I definitely hate him. But it's so much more than the way he talks.
  5. Never have I had this much trouble getting a late night meal. Options are limited so I started with BK.....For some reason they were closed. So hit McDees.....I sat at the speaker for like 5 minutes and decided to just ride around just to see this dumbass at the window saying he did't know I was there. Like how.....So I ask can I just order there and he's like nope, drive back around.....I'm pissed but also the only one there so fuck it. I pull back up, and he still didn't fucking answer....So I just say fuck it and try to get a personal pan pizza from the truck stop......No pizza.....So I decide to order one of their subs...Never had one, but wth....I'm frustrated and just want some food....This "sub" is the size of a fucking hotdog bun and she took like 10 minutes to even get it together. I coulda just cooked.
  6. I couldn't do it because I'm childish and would definitely get a boner while posing. Plus I have the attention span of a 4 year old.
  7. I went in there....It was safe enough.
  8. I avoided that thread because of the risk of penis....So I have no idea what's in it.
  9. I mean, it would have to be. But seriously, did you buy any reality TV show?
  10. Mine was just a 6 footer, but it was worse for wear and it was time to move on. The biggest tree we ever had was around 11 feet, and it was real.....Never again.
  11. Aw fuck....What was his show again...I used to watch the shit out of it but I can't ev.....BULLY BEATDOWN.....*Goes to find clips*
  12. I forgot I threw my tree out a few months ago when i was cleaning the garage and now I have to buy a new one.
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