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  1. interesting little read.

  2. Ok, I'm tired now

  3. Ok, I'm tired now

    Doesn't matter daddy...I'm going to bed....You don't have to mod right now
  4. Ok, I'm tired now

    And here we find that somehow this is a boon in her favor
  5. Any weird house rules growing up?

    Cool cool....We didn't get any threads about that, but I'm sure it happened.
  6. Any weird house rules growing up?

    LOL, you had to go get that dummy a grade....Shut up
  7. Ok, I'm tired now

    Let's recap....No manic threads, no I need MH threads, no shout outs.....All because we gave her the negative attention she wanted today....SHe was content with getting shit on.....At this point, it is on staff to keep exacerbating this mental illness. It's really not but I figure I can get one last nibble before I go to bed.
  8. Any weird house rules growing up?

    She's retarded and will need someone to take care of her...You can't get out of SC....My son has already lived in more states than you. And has property in 2 of them. Your daughter at most might get to live in that tear down that your family has kept up for....How many years now? @Poof question mark....You got me, bitch
  9. Fuck Easter

    Mah forehead is the paint you want on your house
  10. Fuck Easter

    It's his thread and HE WANTS VALIDATION
  11. Any weird house rules growing up?

    Fake fatmentia news...Try again....Not only to I own property that's been passed down, I have acquired my own. Give Madison my son's number....Because that the one you have and keep trying to send bullshit texts to....She may need somewhere to stay after the beetus gets you.
  12. Fuck Easter

    I mean that's the narrative you keep spewing....But my kids have never had to have me come bitch them a grade, I have 2 houses and 4 cars, my daughter carries around 10 fold of the 16 dollars you were happy about snagging last week on constant, I have real health insurance and I'm not scared of the political climate changing that......No one is doxxing me. I think I'm winning but you can tell me again how you're the real champ.
  13. Any weird house rules growing up?

    Oh ok...this all makes sense now....You are all just a family of sorry bitches waiting on the matriarch to die.
  14. Fuck Easter

  15. Fuck Easter

    Well you have to give an example for kids....So far your example is to blow money and hope for the best.....Her future is foretold.