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  1. https://letmegooglethat.com/?q=Invincible+omniman+voice+actor+
  2. Bout time you’re walking like your talking. By the way, your tie doesn’t match your suit, Dude.
  4. How can cards be selected at random?
  5. I like you. I’m not sure whether I should name you or not. Here’s a weird thing from the net.
  6. None should have to feel the wrath of Bow Tieka.
  7. I got my spurs on New Vegas. For anyone who cares about a playthrough nowadays, Honest Hearts was the dlc I had with the mercenarie’s pack and a skybox mod that improved upon the already impressive visuals. You can start your journey as a courier in neutral standing by doing a few things early on to bolster the alliances you have. You will end up being vilified by either the NCR or Caesars legion by end game however. The powder gangers can stay neutral after you leave Goodsprings by enticing the npc standing by one of the abandoned homes to bring his gang to Trudy and lay a trap with landmines that are acquired from Primm on the bridge across to the casino. I placed about 5 or 6 of them right near the edge of the road where you can run to get to Yangtze's monument. Make sure a save is present when you do this. If all goes correctly, you should drop most of the powder gangers and be able to plink away at the rest. From there, you are open to all resources at powder ganger HQ, I forgot the name of the prison where they are set up. From here you can choose to hike your way to the NCR on the southwest edge of the map or explore the whirlwinds and small points of interest in the valley. The 40mm grenade launcher you get with the purchase code after buying a physical copy of the game makes those edgy boss battles more manageable and you can obtain ammo for it once you reach the strip. To tell you the truth, I don't remember much of the first playthrough I did. I know I capped my character and logged about 250 hours on him alone. Anyway, I like the direction NV went and hope there is a reimagining sometime in the future. A few morr tips before closing the book on this. You can make caps easily early on by (1. Playing caravan with shopkeepers (2. Invading cazadore nests (3. Salvaging beers bottles, cans, tools, sarsaparilla and hides. The crafting is kind of hard to get into and I didn't use it much, except for the healing powder recipe. Also, pick up Chance’s knife northwest of town if you want to take on reavers at the west edge of the map. True to Kaisar!
  8. Novelty stores Ebola Chopping blocks Bolly Stu Pickles
  9. Odd infinitem bosons Max Planck Dumpster fires Mel Gibsons Passion of the Christ
  10. Air raid sirens brick and mortar Thought forms cryptocurrency pumpkin
  11. Carbonic alloy rubidium sterling silver porcelain Thermite
  12. My heart skunk oil translucent coatings sea salt hand sanitizer and vitamin d
  13. That’s pretty darned attractive. I’d fuck youme. Wait a sec, *checks clock* oh dears
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