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  1. i'm still friends with projecthero, irfg, pyrometal, diabolical-jazz, aligatorjane, cix, callmesabrina, and a bunch more on fb. and more too but they are already here! wonder what detroitred and hubbbbbb are up to tho.
  2. they hated jesus for he told the truth
  3. the name sounds so made up (it is). like Republic City in TLoK
  4. no godfather, no boondock saints, no fight club, no taxi driver. basically nothing a boring ass c tier film bro would salivate over.
  5. *beep boop beep* heyyyyy xi it’s ya girl
  6. i’m gonna call up pres xi and tell him rn
  7. watch paranormal home inspection instead. it’s much worse
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