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  1. Poofy

    Pick one

    Shes hotter in snake form
  2. Poofy

    Pick one

    The game is called Companions of Xanth And everyone who didn't pick Amouranth lost. You're all dead af. If you picked any of the other 3, the game would last around 8 more minutes until you lose. Xanth was a special game. Literally trolling you even in the title "Companions" of Xanth. Theres really only one. This pisses off a lot of people back in the day. I say it taught you about the world. Choice is an illusion. You have no choice or control.
  3. Poofy

    Pick one

    i picked her when i was little. the others just seemed lame
  4. Poofy

    Pick one

    i uhh... made a grave error that im just now realizing. Thats not you thats just the menu guy. You start out as a mundane screen and then evolve into a person
  5. Poofy

    Pick one

    although I think I've said too much. It's sorta supposed to be ambiguous. Like obviously the satan slut girl is already on her knees. They want your mind to go there. Maybe you can bang her maybe you can't. I'm trying to make a point without doing spoilers. It's narrative focused. I'll leave it at that
  6. Poofy

    Pick one

    they're just your guide. You're not choosing a lover even tho theres a slutty satan girl
  7. Poofy

    Pick one

    pool close in 24 hours
  8. Choose one and later I'll tell you if you survive
  9. AH NUTS I MEANT TO POST THE RESULTS ! I suppose I can still do opinions of the full board of directors:
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