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toonami jail really did make a lot of people online despise the block it seems...

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the act of snatching a dub for a series and having it exclusive to the block for a long time......I've noticed that now has resulted in many people online within the anime community having a special hatred for toonami

because to them it was the worst thing they could have done and for anyone who doesn't have cable to them it was toonami giving them the middle finger Saying "Screw You!"

so to them...toonami not getting DS S2 is a fantastic thing as they figured if they had gotten it then people without cable wouldn't have seen it for a year

but does toonami really deserve all this rage and anger for something that's not only in the past(for the most part with few exceptions now)but is also something they did just to keep the block relevant?

it wasn't out of malice and hatred for the anime community like some want to think it was   it was just business and a cable tv block really needs a lot to keep people invested in when streaming exists

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14 minutes ago, PokeNirvash said:

Will you quit acting vaguely pessimistic for FIVE MINUTES!?!

I'm saying people within the anime community need to get off toonami's back for this...how is that pessimistic?


I'm merely just saying that far too many people in the online anime community hold a grudge against toonami for something they view as them being stupid and ignorant when that's nowhere close to being correct

at least I'm not crazy enough to think Toonami's gonna be airing wrestling reruns in the near future like some people here are


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30 minutes ago, Jman said:

Demon Slayer turned from a popular show in anime communities to one of the most popular shows in the country when it hit Netflix dubbed.

It’s understandable.

that doesn't mean they have to hate toonami and think them not getting DS S2 is karma for having S1 on lockdown...

i highly doubt DS S2 isn't coming to toonami because they tried to boss around sony into doing another exclusive dub deal for the block and more so that the series became too popular to remain on toonami without paying out the ass


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Wait, just what the hell are you babbling about!? Did Demon Slayer Season 2 REALLY JUST hit Netflix dubbed?

Because if so that's the biggest damn waste of the movie being cut into episodes I've ever heard of.

It's cut for TV. It should be ON TV. Netflix is not TV. Fuck you, Netflix!

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