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Blade Runner Black Lotus trailer released, due for fall release


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Great timing, just saw this.

Since it'll no doubt come up, while I'd love it to be 2D, I actually really like the look of the CG in this brief trailer if they can keep it up.

Looks like something that could do quite well on AS as the look would even fit as a Ghost in the Shell too. Aramaki and Kamiyama definitely look like they gave this their stronger budget.

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15 hours ago, 3ngag3 said:

Compare this to the CGI of the most recent GitS series and you'll notice a world of difference.

I mean the last Blade Runner side story OVA was hand-drawn, so I just assumed the next one would be as well. I had no other way to expect it.

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On 7/25/2021 at 4:28 PM, CountFrylock said:

wasn't the last blade runner movie a failure at the box office?....still seems weird to put money towards a blade runner series


Blade Runner as a franchise never did well in theaters, though that's not saying much since it only had two movies in theaters. It did however do decently well on home video and developed a lot of nerd cred over the years as subsequent rereleases of the original film were made to get closer to Ridley Scott's vision. The Final Cut apparently wasn't even made until 25 years after the original film but even that original film which bombed against E.T. in theaters went on to influence countless sci-fi properties and particularly anime like Ghost in the Shell and Bubblegum Crisis. Both films have a lot more critical acclaim than box office success but have reached a decently wide audience through home video and good word of mouth.

I'd say throwing money at a Blade Runner anime at least makes more sense than banking on Schenmue or Uzumaki but not by much. I think they're trying to appeal to sci-fi fans and existing fans of the franchise while not straight up alienating their core demographic which mostly likes shounen fantasy anime. To be fair, Ghost in the Shell did well for Adult Swim for many years and while it's been over 15 years since GITS SAC premiered its been able to rerun on the backend with moderate success from time to time. I think a brand new cyberpunk anime could potentially do well for Toonami and it probably doesn't hurt that it's set in the universe of a existing franchise. At least I hope it doesn't. It is not likely essential to watch the original film or the sequel to enjoy Blade Runner: Black Lotus so I hope the fact that it is set in that universe doesn't make viewers avoid it.

This is certainly a gamble but nothing ventured nothing gained, as they say. At the very least it will be a dub that is exclusive to Toonami and Toonami probably gets to show it (any version) before any other network or service in the world.

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14 hours ago, CountFrylock said:

same comments also say that Blade runner was more of A Suspense/Thriller movie and less so an action movie

It is but that movie could also be summed up as “Harrison Ford gets his ass kicked for two hours”. It had plenty of action and characters doing flips.

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