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Dr. Stone: Episode 31 (Season 2, Episode 7) "Secret Mission" Discussion

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Season 2
Episode 7 (Episode 31 overall):

"Secret Mission"
"Gokuhi no Misshon" (Japanese: 極秘のミッション)

Directed by:
Osamu Nabeshima

Chrome was both quick and eager to show he was smarter than the average caveman last week. With a little help from a battery that was snuck in, Chrome was able to use the prime power of science to surpass all doubts of his abilities and the jail cell itself. All of Tsukasa's army never saw that coming and Yo himself certainly wasn't expecting the ball busting pneumonia scare either to say the least. However once Chrome returned everyone seemed shocked, expect for maybe Senku himself. The kingdom of science is back to it's full strength once again and the ball and steam-gorilla is in Senku's court. 

Toonami airdate: 6/27/21 at 12:30am eastern standard time 
11:30pm central standard time




So should you tune in for another exciting episode of Dr. Stone tonight?


The answer is yes Senku

Dub premiere only on Toonami

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