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Adult Swim acquires cancelled Netflix show Tuca & Bertie, second season in development


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5 hours ago, PokeNirvash said:

So does this mean they get the broadcast rights to season 1 too?

Not that I plan on watching, I'm just curious.

That’s correct.  The general vibe is they’re putting it on HBO MAX.

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56 minutes ago, Seight said:

The thing is, I've heard very good things about this show but I don't know how it fits into the kind of animation [as] usually shows.

If you've seen some of the animated things that [ as ] is streaming [ Like Tender Touches and that anime wannabe that I can never remember the full name of...something something Machu Pichu ] , just looking at that picture with no actual knowledge of the show, it would probably fit in just fine. 

They are going to have to move a little faster if they are going to fill holes in the schedule without weird issues. Personally, I've wondered at the possibility of a return of Futurama now that Comedy Central doesn't have it anymore and I don't think it's doing as great as it was expected to on SyFyllis. Unless Fox pulls that one back to for their own cable channel line-up like they're doing with Family Guy and Bob's Burgers. 

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