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Keto & Low Carb Product Reviews


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The Cereal School


Berries: Light berry flavor. Not sweet. Like a crunchy Berry Kix without much flavor. Still stays crunchy after 20 minutes. Just a really weak flavor that does nothing for me.


Peanut Butter : Nice peanut butter smell. Flavor is okay, but short lived and not at all comparable to other PB cereals. I think it tastes better without any milk.


Fruity: Tastes like a poor imitation of Fruit Loops. What little flavor there is fades quickly. There's a light fruity smell when sniffing the bag that unfortunately doesn't seem to make its way into the bowl.


Cookies & Cream: Smell is reminiscent of coffee beans. Tastes like unsweetened cocoa without any cream.

Final verdict: Pretty terrible. The flavor is very bland and fades into nothing quickly. Might as well be eating mattresses. Only 1 gram total carbs, but a waste of 100 calories and a lot of money. Not only would I not buy these again, I wouldn't accept them if they were given away for free. The only good that came out of this is now I'm not craving cereal, possibly ever again. Not looking forward to tomorrow's Magic Spoon delivery.

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Magic Spoon


Blueberry: Smells kinda like... cream cheese? Does not smell or taste at all like blueberries. Flavor isn't bad, just can't describe it.  Flavor lasts longer than The Cereal School.


Cocoa: Smells like Cocoa Puffs. Tastes kinda like it at first, then more of a heavier cocoa taste rather than sweet after chewing for a bit.


Frosted: Has a cream-cheesy frosting type smell similar to the blueberry cereal. Light frosting taste. Not much here, but not terrible.


Fruity: Smells like Froot Loops and tastes like a lighter version of it. Not bad.

Final verdict: Major improvement over The Cereal School. Much closer to eating real cereal, at least flavor wise. Both cereals break down into a flavorless residue that sticks to the teeth, which is really the biggest downside. More carbs at 8g total per serving with twice the fat and less protein, but at least its actually edible. Still, for the price, not at all worth it.

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Shrewd Food Protein Puffs & Crisps


Strawberries & Cream: Like a strawberry malted milk ball flavor, but with a cheese puff texture. Only 3g TOTAL carbs per bag. The flavor fades quickly and then its like chewing some combination of a flavorless gum/cheese puff that sticks to the teeth somewhat just like the cereals, but not quite as bad.


Cookies & Cream: Tastes like an Oreo without the cream. $14.99 for eight 3/4 oz bags is a pass.


Brickoven Pizza: Nice strong smell thats kind of like pizza sauce and nacho cheese. More of a nacho flavor. Only 2g total carbs per 33 crisps. $22.99 for an 11 oz bag is far too much, but these were by far the best of the bunch.

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Julian Bakery ProGranola


So far just tried the peanut butter flavor, but pretty good. Don't have to worry about the residue like keto cereals. 16g total carbs per serving, but only 2g net. $14.99 for a 19.5 oz bag, cheaper in bulk.

High Key Cookies


These are pretty good. Actually taste like normal store cookies even though low carb. 10g total carbs and 2g net for 8 cookies (if you don't count erythritol). $13.97 for 3 bags of 16 tiny cookies.

Revol Snax Coconut Bites


So good. 8g total carbs and 1g net carbs for 2 bites. $28.99 for 32 bites. Gonna be hard to limit to two a day.

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Just to save you some time and money, I've tried a few keto-friendly foods, as well. There's a brand called RealGood and they make lots of frozen foods that have virtually zero carbs. The price is a bit much, but the biggest thing here is your portions are super tiny and they taste horrible. Avoid them, or at least their pizzas and burritos, anyways. 

Krogers has a line of food called CarbMaster that's basically designed for keto. We tried some of their "yogurts" and it was hit or miss, but the ones that hit were great and super cheap. Cottage cheese was nice and the chocolate milk was ok, too. 

We also found Nature's Bakery, which makes fig bars and granola bars. You might be looking at varying amounts of carbs per bar, some as high as 19g and some as low as 10g, but it helped with cravings and they're super delicious and a reasonable price. 

Then there was the Ole Xtreme Wellness High Fiber Low Carb tortillas. Came out to 16g carbs and 11g fiber per tortilla. They tasted just fine, especially with a bit of melted butter. Good price, too. 

Mrs Cubbison's Parmesan Crisps were awful. Kinda pricey, but regardless, the flavor was terrible. 

Smartfood Smart 50 White Cheddar popcorn is a bit high in carbs but really tasty.

The brand Annie's Homegrown makes great stuff, too, but it's also a tad pricey and some of it is very high in carbs so you'll have to look around yourself for the better options. 

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Halo Top Strawberry Jelly Donut keto ice cream is really good.

Halo Top PB Chocolate keto ice cream is also really good.

Halo Top White Chocolaty Macadamia... not so much. The cream tastes weird.

Now I have to purge.

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Try these for me so I don't have to worry about them being gross xD



Srsly gummy candy is my weakness and if I could actually eat a whole bag of it without taking up half my daily calorie goal that would be a dream

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So I went to a Target 20 minutes from my house to find these gummies because that's the closest place that apparently had them and that's how bad I want to try them but I wanted to try a single bag before buying a whole bunch. Couldn't find the sour ones in the Project 7 brand but found another similar brand of gummies. 



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The Project 7 ones are 100 calories per bag. 36 total carbs but only 6 net.

The Smart Sweets are each 80 or 90 calories per bag. 35 total carbs and 7 net. Will review each bag but need to limit to one a day because these are all basically fiber supplements (they literally have 100% daily value of fiber). Though looking at their website it looks like they changed some formulas recently, looks like the new formula has less fiber and as a result more net carbs. Still not awful for keto if u only have half a bag at a time but you may want to look for these in stores that are still selling the older formula rather than order from the website. Smart Sweets also has a Peach Rings variety which I saw in the store but didn't get, and they have a Starburst knockoff and sour gummy bears on their website. https://smartsweets.com/collections/all-candy


Sour Blast Buddies™

The sour Smart Sweets was pretty good. Good flavor but the texture gives it away that you're not eating real sour gummy candy. You get a good amount of gummies in the bag so if you are watching your total carb intake, half a bag would be a pretty decent snack (That applies for all of these gummies). Overall a good way to help my sour gummy candy craving. Plus now my stomach hurts from eating 100% of my daily recommended value of fiber in 5 minutes so I won't be tempted to eat anything else until dinner. 


Sweet Fish™

The Sweet Fish from Smart Sweets are good. Really good. Texture still isn't quite what you'd get from real gummy candy but I think I might like these even more than regular Swedish Fish. Great flavor. 


SmartSweets Fruity Gummy Bears - 1.8oz : Target

Smart Sweets gummy bears are by far the best ones so far. Great taste and texture very close to real gummy bears. Has a bit of a stevia aftertaste if that bothers you, but I'm used to the taste of stevia so it doesn't bother me at all.



Project 7 gummy bears were...Disappointing. Not bad but the texture was just kind of weird. I'd get them again but just like, one bag at a time. I don't know if I want to spend 20 bucks to buy a whole big pack of them. FWIW these ones haven't changed the formula like Smart Sweets so still only 6 net carbs per bag.


Final Verdict: All of these gummies were pretty good, great replacement for real gummy candy for someone like me who will eat a whole king size bag of the real stuff per day. They aren't necessarily the best for keto due to high total carb counts (which are still much lower than regular candy), but the net carbs are really low because they're all full of fiber, and the calories are all 100 or less per bag. The bags are all good size so half a bag would be a good snack if you're watching carbs more than calories. I'd get any one of these again and will probably be ordering a combo pack from Smart Sweets once their gummy bears and sour gummy bears go back in stock on their website

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i drink this shit in the morning


1 net gram of carbs per seving (if you don't count erythritol), and the taste is pretty decent. i add it to my black coffee in the morning and it's good, kinda like drinking hot cocoa with a coffee kick. if it's not sweet enough, a teaspoon of monk fruit does the job for no add'l carbs.

for an actual meal, i shake it with a cup of unsweetened almond milk for a total of 2 net carbs. it's not great at being a full meal replacement, but it staves off the hunger for a bit until i can dive into them pork rinds at home...

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