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Hunter x Hunter 146 Discussion Thread

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Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Episode 146: "Chairman x And x Release" (VIZ Media's titles may be translated differently)

"Kaichō to Hōshutsu"

カイチョウ × ト × ホウシュツ


Original airdate: September 10th, 2014

Toonami airdate: June 8th, 2019


Last week Leorio unseated Paris Hilton on a voting round for the first time in the election, Gon was revived by Alluka and made a grand return to an incredibly happy room, Paris tried to preserve as much of the acclaim as he could by giving another hammy speech, and Leorio somehow gained all this success by fuckin BREATHING AIR since he wanted nothing to do with being elected in the first place!  But will Leorio actually win?? Is Paris too hot to lose?? Isn't Killua supposed to grant Alluka's wish now that she did something for him?? Find out on...

Toonami at 3 AM!


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1 minute ago, DangerMouse said:

Yup, Kite's alive and been turned into a little girl. That was a funny scene when we first saw her lol.

"He's been turned into a little girl."

"It's 2019, Gon. It's ok."

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4 minutes ago, mochi said:

as much of a POS as Ging is.....their whole civilization is based around killing other people being not only allowed but encouraged....so why are they all acting so high and mighty?

Politics. xD

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